38 movies about 'Tobacco' (page 1/4)

Tobacco Road
Shiftless Jeeter Lester and his family of hillbilly stereotypes live in a rural backwater where their ancestors were once wealthy planters. Their slapstick exis..
Thank You for Smoking
Nick Naylor is the Vice-President of the Academy of Tobacco Studies. He is the chief spokesperson and lobbyist too. He can argue skillfully and defend the cigar..
Bright Leaves
The director's family legend has a connection with this film. Filmmaker Ross McElwee's great-grandfather had created the Bull Durham brand. The film is about to..
The Insider
In any case, Jenn states that she needs to have a child through regular origination, so the two start unadroitly engaging in sexual relations. Matt discovers tr..
Parrish McLean lives with his mother Ellen on Sala Post's tobacco plantation in the Connecticut River Valley. His mother winds up marrying Sala's riva..
Cold Turkey
Reverend Brooks is the leader of the contest where the people in the town should not smoke for a month. The tobacco executives in the town did not want the peop..
Charles Burnett directs this movie about John, a man of many talents, including one forbidden skill: he can read. When he teaches a young slave girl named Sarny..
Bright Leaf
This film is about two tobacco growers. Both the tobacco growers want to capture more of cigarette market so as to prosper in their respective business fields. ..
Main Street
From the once thriving tobacco warehouses, to the current run-down and closed shops of Five Points, a diverse group of residents and their respective life chang..
Waco: The Rules of Engagement
In one of the most tragic face-offs in the history of law enforcement, the deadly debacle at Waco pitted the Branch Davidian sect against the FBI in an all-out ..

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