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The Saltmen of Tibet
Four men from a nomadic Tibetan tribe undertake their annual, ritualistic pilgrimage to a sacred salt lake. Salt gathered in this traditional fashion will be so..
Seven Years in Tibet
Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer is journeying to the Himalayas, leaving his family behind for an expedition in 1939. However, World War II breaks out and h..
A Kid from Tibet
As the evil sect known as the Black Section of Esoteric Buddhism wreaks havoc on Tibet, a young monk named Wong La (Biao Yuen) is sent to Hong Kong to recover a..
The Sun Behind the Clouds: Tibet's Struggle for Freedom
Fifty years after the fall of his country, can the Dalai Lama make a breakthrough in his efforts to find a solution to the Tibet question?
Monk With a Camera
Nicholas Vreeland walked away from a worldly life of privilege to become a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Grandson of legendary Vogue editor, Diana Vreeland, and traine..
Red River Valley
At the turn of the century, a young Chinese girl escapes from a religious sacrifice, and is rescued by an honorable Tibetan herdsman. The two fall in love, but ..
Based on the life and writings of 14th Dalai lama, presents a biographic film. In the movie they show how a young boy was forced to escape his peaceful Tibet, w..
Tibetan Dog
Jiantan is a young boy who has to leave Xi'an after the death of his mother to go deep into the Tibetan prairies to start living with the father he barely ..
Clandestinely filmed on location in Chinese-ruled Tibet (several actors and crew members had their names withheld for fear of reprisal), documentarian Paul Wagn..
Bulletproof Monk
The presentation of this move has been entirely based on a comic book which is popularly known to be the Tibetan Monk. The story shows how the monk starts being..

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