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Seven Years in Tibet
Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer is journeying to the Himalayas, leaving his family behind for an expedition in 1939. However, World War II breaks out and he falls into Allied forces' hands and becomes a prisoner of war. But he is able to escape with a fellow detainee and finds his way to Llaso,..
What Remains Of Us
This Canadian documentary is about a Tibetan-Canadian who comes back to her homeland with a secret mission; she has a video message from Dalai Lama for Tibetans. The documentary was shot over a period of 8 years without the Chinese authorities ever finding out about it and how it is being filmed.
My Reincarnation
You can enjoy the wonderful tale of the high Tibetan Buddhist Master namely Choegyal Namkhai Norbu along with Yeshi who is son born in the western world. The firm revolves around how the Master rises to immense heights in the western world, whereas his son wants to take a different path and choose t..
Based on the life and writings of 14th Dalai lama, presents a biographic film. In the movie they show how a young boy was forced to escape his peaceful Tibet, when communist China captured and enforced an oppressive regime over Tibet. Kundun means " the presence" in Tibetan as they always preached D..
Bulletproof Monk
The presentation of this move has been entirely based on a comic book which is popularly known to be the Tibetan Monk. The story shows how the monk starts being a mentor to a young boy so as to make him learn the tactics of protecting the scroll, thus making him efficient in this activity.
The Golden Child
The story deals with a private detective who is supposed to be concerned and active only about children who have gone missing. The movie takes its turn when this detective is given the charge to trace on a special child, who has been missing and that the dark forces are high on getting the same, des..
A World Without Thieves
Dumbo is carrying 60000 yuan on a train and he seems to trust everyone. But as it turns out, a lot of people have their eyes on the money. Wang Bo and Wang Li are a couple who are also travelling on the same train and Wang Bo is recruited by a man to steal the money. Wang Li wants to save the person..
Wheel of Time
This documentary points towards one of the largest Buddhist gatherings of the entire world. Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims go to Bodh Gaya every year for the Kalachakra movement. The ancient rituals along with profiling of the great Dalai Lama is reflected effectively in the film. There are several ..
Mercury Man
A fireman is living the normal life which is anything but eventful. An unexpected turn of events unfurls and a supernatural substance attaches itself with the fireman's body and the fireman is given supernatural abilities as he turns into Mercury Man. The fireman now vows to use his powers to fight ..
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Shikaka belongs to the Wachati tribe and it is the sacred animal of the tribe. Ace, who lives in the ashram of Tibet, goes in to the jungles of Africa in search of Shikaka. He needs to find the sacred animal to prevent the vicious tribal war.

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