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The central character of this movie is a pro tennis player who has happened to lose on all his confidence and self esteem by which he used to play, thus getting his position to the 119th rank. It is at this situation that he meets a young player from the women's circuit and it is with this woman that the man gets his c..
A documentary film on the sports career of tennis superstars Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert Lloyd. The film is based on the long term sports rivalry between the two and their lifelong friendly relationship off the court. The film also narrates the honesty and integrity of Navratilova when product endorsement is co..
General Education
Levi Collins has failed to graduate and his parents do not know about this. He is up to learning tennis before which he will have to complete his basic education. His lady love however complicates his life by leading him to choose on one, either games or studies, thus creating a super mess in Collins's life in associat..
Strangers on a Train
Guy a tennis player wants to divorce his wife Miriam as she has many relations with other men. He meets Bruno on a train and they both decide to help each other. Bruno asks Guy to kill his father and in turn Bruno will kill Miriam. The movie shows how they both executed this plan.
Match Point
Chris Wilton happens to fall in love with the fiancée of Tom, whereas his sister falls for Chris at the same time. In spite of being aware of the fact that Chris and Nola, the fiancée of Tom are getting wrong by involving with each other, yet they carry on, till the time comes when Chris will have to make..
Max Havoc: Ring of Fire
A kick-boxing champion turns to a newly made photographer and is redy to go on an assignment with a popular photographer as well as a tennis athlete Suzy Blaine. It is now that he comes across a crime ring, to set things right against which, he gets back to his initial talent of Martial Arts whatsoever.
Now You See Him, Now You Don't
Dexter is a science aspirant and has a degree in science from Medfield College. He along with his partners Debbie and Schulyer invents an invisibility spray. A.J. Arno and his group are in search of the formula as they want to use it for bank robbery. The kid scientists are now the target of the bad guys.
Natalie is a successful young girl as she is having a scholarship, the title of social queen, the designation of the yearbook editor and also recognition as a star athlete. But when Keith enters her life she starts discovering new aspects of life and simple cannot resist in indulging into Keith.
The Strongest Man in the World
The movie is based on a specific formulation that gives unnatural strength to humans. An accidental mix of cereal and specific medications created this unique product. As news of the drug spreads through a college, everyone wants to try it. It is only later that they find out about its side effect.
Dial M for Murder
A tennis player of the yester years plans to kill his wife when he discovers that his wife is having an affair with another man and she is planning to leave him soon. When the plan fails, he makes some changes to the plan and makes her the murdererÂ…

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