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A Taxing Woman
Ryoko Itakura works for the Korean government and she is a tax agent of the government. She has landed herself with a big promotion and now she has to go after the tax faltering wheeler dealer who is a master at his task. Ryoko Itakura starts having sympathy for the rogue.
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India
Lagaan is a bollywood film which has rather unexpected situations that are put upon the most regular and normal people. Interestingly there is a village in the Victorian India in which they put their entire future on stake against bitter British rule through a cricket match! Will they win or lose?
Kanthaswamy is an Income Tax officer in the CBI. While on a raid, he finds a reserve of black money owned by rich entrepreneur Ponnuswamy. To escape the questioning, Ponnuswamy acts paralysed. Ponnuswamy's daughter does not like this and pretends to fall in love with Kanthaswamy in order to take rev..
Strange Bedfellows
Two 'very straight' old timers have to learn how to pass as a loving gay couple after falsely claiming same-sex status to take advantage of newly legislated tax laws. Two 'very straight' old timers have to learn how to pass as a loving gay couple after falsely claiming same-sex status to take advant..
Terror Trap
Don and his wife Nancy are driving through a deserted road at night when their car is rendered useless after being hit by a car twice. On complaining about the incident to the local sheriff, he takes the couple to the nearby motel where they need to stay until the towing truck arrives in the morning..
A Landscape of Lies
The story is about an ex-solder. He struggles hard to adjust after the Gulf War. But he gets enlightened about the truth only after his commanding officer gets murdered in a suspected mugging. Find out what happens next in the film and how the events unfold.
Delusions of Grandeur
Don Sallust (Louis de Funès) is minister of the King of Spain. It is a being disingenuous, hypocritical and greedy that collects the taxes himself, he turns in part to his advantage. He is hated by the people he oppresse.Accusé by Queen, a beautiful princess Bavarian, of having an ille..
Soul Kitchen
Zinos, a disorganized restaurateur, serves food at poor man's fare. His girlfriend Nadine leaves for Shanghai when she gets a job there. Zinos is in total depression, he plans to go to Shanghai leaving his restaurant in the hands of his brother who is an unreliable person. The decisions taken by Zin..
Mirch Masala
An arrogant subedar (A local tax collector in colonial India) is seen rampaging through a village with his men. He soon spots Sonbai a villager. The subedar becomes obsessed with Sonbai and forcefully what her. This forces Sonbai and villagers having to take matters in their own hands.
For years Yellowbeard had looted the Spanish Main, making men eat their lips and swallow their hearts. Caught and convicted for tax evasion, he's sentenced to 20 years in St. Victim's Prison for the Extremely Naughty. In a scheme to confiscate his fabulous treasure, the Royal Navy allows h..

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