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A Taxing Woman
Ryoko Itakura works for the Korean government and she is a tax agent of the government. She has landed herself with a big promotion and now she has to go after ..
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India
Lagaan is a bollywood film which has rather unexpected situations that are put upon the most regular and normal people. Interestingly there is a village in the ..
Moving the Mountain
ON JUNE 4th 1989, CHINA WAS CHANGED FOREVER. Beijing, May, 1989. the world watched as a hundred students became a thousand, as thousands became a million - and..
America: Freedom to Fascism
This is a documentary about an honest search for the truth about the Federal Reserve Bank and the legality of the Internal Revenue System. Through extensive int..
The Overtaxed
Since the IRS has ordered new taxes, all traders in the village are tormented. Only Torquato Pezzella, a wealthy merchant of rain does not give in to despair ge..
Kanthaswamy is an Income Tax officer in the CBI. While on a raid, he finds a reserve of black money owned by rich entrepreneur Ponnuswamy. To escape the questio..
Terror Trap
Don and his wife Nancy are driving through a deserted road at night when their car is rendered useless after being hit by a car twice. On complaining about the ..
Strange Bedfellows
Two 'very straight' old timers have to learn how to pass as a loving gay couple after falsely claiming same-sex status to take advantage of newly legislated tax..
The Mating Game
Tax collector Lorenzo Charlton visits Larkins' farm. One of their neighbors thinks they're disgustingĀ and plans to get rid of them so he calls IRS for an audit..
Mirch Masala
An arrogant subedar (A local tax collector in colonial India) is seen rampaging through a village with his men. He soon spots Sonbai a villager. The subedar bec..

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