99 movies about 'Spaghetti western' (page 1/10)

The Great Silence
The Great Silence (Il grande silenzio, 1968), or The Big Silence, is an Italian spaghetti western. The movie features a score by Ennio Morricone and stars Jean-..
The Stranger and the Gunfighter
During a hold-up in the Wild West, Dakota kills a rich old Chinese man, Wang. Later, he is captured, sentenced, and is about to be hanged - and he never profitt..
The Magnificent Bandits
Brazil, the 1920s. The sadistic colonel Minas massacres the hometown of a famous cangaceiro (a kind of revolutionary bandit). The only survivor is a young farme..
Cemetery Without Crosses
Maria seeks revenge on the killers of her husband. She enlists the help of her husband's best friend, Manual, a reluctant, but skilled, gunfighter.
Johnny Yuma
Infidelity, murder, and betrayal lies at the center of this violent Spaghetti western. A scheming wife does away with her husband, causing the man's heir t..
After the surprising worldwide success of the first 2 Stranger films, actor-producer Tony Anthony seemed to have realised that his odd sense of humour deserves ..
Django the Bastard
A Union soldier returns from the dead to take revenge on three officers who betrayed his unit in battle.
Kill Him!
A gang of cattle thieves rescue a criminal from the gallows, and later rob a stagecoach loaded with gold. When they get the loot, he is betrayed and left dying ..
Gunfight at Red Sands
An avenging stranger guns down a gang of ruthless bandits in revenge for the murder of his family.
The Big Gundown
The Big Gundown (Italian title: La resa dei conti) is a 1966 spaghetti western directed by Sergio Sollima and starring Lee Van Cleef and Tomas Milian. It was re..

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