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Secrets of Scotland Yard
Secrets of Scotland Yard is Republic's spin on a plotline first elucidated in the old E. Phillips Oppenheim novel The Great Impersonation. After losing WW ..
Scotland Yard Investigator
A London curator (C. Aubrey Smith) loses the Mona Lisa to a collector (Erich von Stroheim), who discovers it's a fake.
The Private Eyes
The story of the movie starts with a clear murder of a couple in their car by a figure in a black wrap. Actually The Private Eyes is a comedy mystery film. Two ..
Shoot on Sight
Tariq Ali, a Muslim police officer of Scotland Yard, is asked to hunt-down suspected suicide-bombers against the backdrop of July 7 bombings in London. Tariq�..
The Squeaker
Scotland Yard investigates a series of murders where the victims have died by snake venom poisoning.
Lady in the Fog
In this murder mystery, a woman's brother is killed in a freaky accident, or so she believes. Fortunately for her, an American journalist is more suspiciou..
The Shop at Sly Corner
The French owner of an antique shop, Desius Heiss, (Oskar Homolka) has become disillusioned with society since his torture as a prisoner on Devil's island,..
The Verdict
Forced to retire because his techniques are deemed 'old-fashioned,' a Scotland Yard detective and his friend conspire to dupe a young arrogant detecti..
Calling Bulldog Drummond
The British sleuth (Walter Pidgeon) leaves retirement to help a Scotland Yard woman (Margaret Leighton) catch thieves armed with radar.
Murder Over New York
When Charlie's old friend from Scotland Yard is murdered when they attend a police convention in New York, Chan picks up the case he was working on.

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