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The Private Eyes
The story of the movie starts with a clear murder of a couple in their car by a figure in a black wrap. Actually The Private Eyes is a comedy mystery film. Two detectives are hired to resolve the murder case. It's an excitingly incompetent and unskilled affair. Every incident is filled with jokes. A..
The Tourist
Frank, an American tourist, on a train to Venice, meets a strange British woman by the name Elsie. This leads to a budding romance. But there is lot more to Elsie than what can be apparently seen. This film is a remake of the French Film "Anthony Zimmer", 2005.
Don't Open Till Christmas
The joy of Christmas is marred when news spreads that a serial killer is on a killing spree in London. The most important and ironical part is that the killer is dressed as Santa. Everyone is afraid to step outside. Police inspector Harris takes up the case and has to prevent the killer before it st..
Seven Days to Noon
An English scientist has run away from a research centre but he also has an atomic bomb with him. A letter is sent to the British prime minister and it is threatened to blow up the London centre if their terms and conditions are not agreed upon. There are various special agents from Scotland Yard tr..
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher
Three year-old Saville Kent is found murdered in a dreadful surroundings in a family home in Wiltshire. Detective Jack Whicher investigates the crime and he suspects the child's father Samuel Kent as the murderer. But did Samuel actually commit the crime or is someone else the culprit? Who has kille..
The Notorious Landlady
American diplomat William Gridley rents a part of Carly Hardwicke's house and finds himself falling in love with her. Carly is infamous as a murderer since her husband disappeared without trace. Gridley is convinced by Scotland Yard detective to spy on Carly. What will Gridley do when the truth is r..
Shanghai Knights
A Chinese rebel murders Chon's father and then escapes to England, which makes Chon and Roy to travel to London with revenge on their minds. Chon's sister Lin also has the same idea and uncovers a worldwide conspiracy to murder the royal family but no one believes her.
McVicar, one of the most notorious public enemies of Britain, gets captivated and kept in a highly secured prison, after he participated in an armed bank robbery. However, the mystery lies on the fact that whether this prison will be efficient enough to hold on to the most wanted face of the nation ..
The Quatermass Xperiment
Bernard Quatermass, a professor is in-charge of a rocket mission that goes awry. They lose contact with the spaceship that crash lands in space. Only one of the occupants Victor Carroon survives in the space ship and the other vanish. Slowly Victor starts to transform…
The Long Arm
Scotland Yard attempts to solve a series of safe robberies across England with the clues found at the site of the latest one in London. This baffling series of crimes has Halliday and Ward in despair until they find a clue which would lead them to the criminal with a unexpected ending.

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