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Charles and Louis are rather good insurance agents, however their partnership faces some trouble when Louis falls in love with Joan. Joan on the other hand has no qualms to be wooed by a gang leader. In order to win Joan's hand he makes a plan to rob a train which is ironically insured by his very o..
The Great Smokey Roadblock
Henry Fonda plays Elegant John, an old trucker who steals back his prized rig in California and takes off with almost no money. His Kenworth tractor has the name Eleanor on it. Elegant John once met Eleanor Roosevelt. He pulls a Fruehauf van with a 'sunroof'. Why is he called Elegant John?..
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
The central characters of this movie are played by the G.I. Joes who are high on fighting with their mortal rival named Cobra. However the plot of action gets even more grave and serious when they are compelled to backfire to the threats in association with the government, thus jeopardizing their ow..
Hollywood Shuffle
Bobby Taylor is struggling through the mental roadblocks as well as physical assault in order to become a successful actor represented through a series of distributed vignettes and fantasies. The film deals with the situations that satirize the racial stereotypes of African Americans in film and tel..
Vanishing Point
James Kowalski is a onetime army ranger and a former race car driver and is currently struggling to reach his wife who is going through a troubled labor a thousand miles away. But the police and the FBI is in no mood of giving him a free run and they have set up road blocks up ahead that seem impene..
Village of the Giants
The accidental discovery of "goo" which causes the growth potential in any living cell to its maximum is stolen by a bunch of teenagers in order to make fortunes. In their attempt they eating the goo and turns into 30 feet monsters taking over the city and kidnapping sheriff's daughter
Swing Hostess
Swing Hostess is a 1944 American musical comedy film directed by Sam Newfield for Producers Releasing Corporation and starring Martha Tilton, Iris Adrian, Charles Collins, Betty Brodel, Cliff Nazarro and Harry Holman.
The Devil Thumbs a Ride
Steve Morgan kills a man in a holdup and hitches a ride to Los Angeles with Fergie. At a gas station, they pick up two women. Encountering a roadblock, Morgan takes over and persuades the party to spend the night at an unoccupied beach house. The police close in as one by one, the others learn that ..
Without her husband and without her lawyer’s licence, which has been withdrawn, Noora is left pregnant and alone in her apartment. Her attempt to leave Iran turns into a fight with male chauvinism. A personal, nerve-wracking and infuriating film by Rasoulof, who was himself convicted for his f..
Cold Showers
Mickael's life is full with Judo and his girlfriend Venessa. But his family is struggling hard. Mickael soon takes a decision. He wants to open up his relationship to include Clement, his rich Judo partner. A chain of events begin thereafter.

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