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The Xinhai revolution beginning with theWuchang Uprising of 1911 from the Second Guangzhou Uprising is what the story deals with. Followed by the armed engagements between the revolutionary and the Qing Dynasty forces, the deaths of the 72 martyrs, coming of the San Yat-sen as the President of the new Provisional Repub..
King of Beggars
The lady love of a spoilt son who inherits millions behind him, challenges the latter to establish himself as a kung-fu master. He comes out with flying colors although; he has fallen into penniless and sleepy nights, finally coming across a beggar who had once been helped by the former.
The Great Magician
The movie has been set by basing it on the years after the Revolution against the Qing Dynasty. The warlords are up to fighting with each other amidst whom a lieutenant is capable of spelling magic on individuals so as to make them join the warlord's army, thus gettingthe plot to be complex and tricky.
The Guillotines
King Yong Zheng, of the Qing Dynasty has set up a secret assassination squad known as the Guillotines to eradicate all who opposed him. In order to concentrate the emperor's power under a new regime of rule, Guillotines are used which mark terror and oppression.
The Soong Sisters
The Soong dynasty was one of the most powerful political figures in Chinese history. The movie follows the lives of three Soong sisters who were all educated in America but returned to China and married contrasting husbands who went on to play a major role in Chinese history however the sisters may never be united agai..
Flowers of Shanghai
The movie is all centered on a number of four brothels and the situations that prevailed there. The brothels which are termed to be flower houses have a madam in each of them under whom many other subordinates are found working. The maturing girls who are under training here, are kept within the walls, thus defining pr..
Seven Swords
It is the early 16th century and the Manchurians have grabbed power in China. In order to suppress the nationalist movements the rulers quickly ban all martial arts practices. But, Fu Qingzhu is not ready to give up so easily. He assembles a team of men and decides to stand up against the authority for his motherland.
Temptress Moon
A long time later, Zhongliang has turned into a good looking escort who entices rich, wedded ladies for his triad Boss keeping in mind the end goal to coerce them. The triad's usual methodology typically includes Zhongliang visiting the lady in her room (a mystery rendezvous) whereupon he would normally send an agreeab..
Once Upon a Time in China II
The White Lotus Society has taken up the task of driving Europeans out of China and protect the Chinese culture even if it requires it to attack Chinese people who follow a western lifestyle. The onus is now on Wong Fei-Hung to protect all those who are innocent at the same time protecting the Chinese culture.
Once Upon a Time in China III
To restore national pride of China during Qing Dynasty due to foreign evasion a lion competition is organised . One of the dancers get injured during tha faceoff but Wong fights his way to the final to find that his opponent is one of the conspirators of foriegners.

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