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17 Girls
17 teenage girls make an interesting pact of getting pregnant together so that the age difference between them and their children is less and they will not face any generation gap and can educate them and live with them easily. It reflects their adolescence, friendship and complexities involved in g..
The Education Of Shelby Knox
It is a documentary film depicting a girl's journey from being a conservative Southern Baptist to her realization of greater truths and her fight for gay rights and sex education. The film interviews a number of people who express their own point of views on what she is doing and what impact her act..
Love's Long Journey
The surprise pregnancy of Missie's has set a new course both exciting and frightening. She and her husband Willie were planning and dreaming and he headed west in an enclosed wagon and crossed Missie's parents home. Now, she gets caught between the anticipation and the pain as she could not meet her..
A Private Matter
Based on a true story of a popular TV show hostess Sherri Finkbine who sparked a huge controversy when she opted for an abortion after the disastrous effects of the drug thalidomide became known. But her private decision was blown out of proportion when it was subjected to public scrutiny.
Juno is a Canadian- American film belonging to the genre of drama- comedy. It is about a liberated independent minded teenager's decision to carry on with her unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent trials and tribulations that she has to face once she decides to go ahead with her pregnancy. What hap..
The Story of Qiu Ju
Qui Ju is a peasant woman and she lives in the rural area of China. The village head kicks her husband in the groin. So she has to move to the nearby town despite of pregnancy. What happens after this.......?
Devil's Due
A newlywed couple is shocked when it is discovered that the wife has got pregnant much sooner than they have planned. But the woman starts to exhibit mysterious behaviors that put her husband in more trouble. As days pass by, her behavior starts taking a sinister turn under the influence of a dark p..
What to Expect When You're Expecting
Hold on your stomach when the Five couples take up the most difficult challenge of having babies. See the fun, excitement and all the little surprises to be exploded. Experience with love of eyes of these interconnected parents and learn the important lesson of life- " don't plan for anything in lif..
Empty Cradle
Jane Morgan gives birth to a girl in a hospital but the authorities tell her that she died after the birth. So she tries to find the truth which is actually that Nurse Rita Donohue changed the babies so as to hold on to her boyfriend. But her boyfriend wanted a boy so she makes plans to fake pregnan..
Saving Face
The story is all about a girl who is from the land of America, and is a lesbian by sexual status. Her mother however is a traditionalist as a result of which both of them are not willing to come out in the public, on account of the fact that both of them inculcate loves that are usually contradictor..

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