29 movies about 'Police corruption' (page 1/3)

Prince of the City
A detective in association with the narcotics department of New York is highly against cooperating with the commission which is allotted in investigating the co..
The Case Against Brooklyn
A rookie cop takes on criminals who have the local government in their pocket.
The Hole
A female reporter is fired for writing about police corruption; to make money while hiding from the press, she posts a bounty upon herself.
Goodbye Paradise
The plot centres on Queensland's Gold Coast in the early 1980s, when a disgraced former cop, Michael Stacey (Ray Barrett) writes a book exposing police cor..
Buster, an undercover agent gets accidentally involved in a robbery which goes awry. Not only two men are killed but an ancient Indian weapon is stolen, leaving..
Northville Cemetery Massacre
The bikers are the heroes and the lawmen are the villains in this vintage action drama. The Spirits are a motorcycle club who ride the highways and country road..
No Rest for the Wicked
Madrid, the beginning of the century. One day, the police inspector Santos Trinidad coming home very drunk, is involved in a triple murder. But there is a witne..
A pair of corrupt police officers makes use of their black money in terms of a new apartment they have jointly bought. The character named Leo Smith plays up wi..
Brother Rabbit, Brother Bear and Preacher Fox are a part of a prison break bracket colored in various racial interactions typical to America. The three take on ..
Chinatown Kid
Struggling to survive the murderous gang wars of Hong Kong, Tan Tung, a young martial arts street fighter, successfully takes on all challengers—until he ..

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