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The Plague of the Zombies
Sir James Forbes makes an entry into an isolated village in order to discover this strange plague that is affecting the inhabitants. Charles is a local Squire who is undertaking some voodoo magic which is based on the sacrifice of human lives. He does this on the small little village but gets some b..
The Sick House
Anna is an archaeologist who is in the process of excavating a site which was subject to a 17th century plague hospital. Scarily it unleashed the ghost of a malicious doctor who had taken several lives around 350 years ago. As the excavation starts, Anna gets caught in a dark corridor along with a g..
Edward Dalton is a researcher in the year 2019, in which an unknown plague has transformed the world's population into vampires. As the human population nears extinction, vampires must capture and farm every remaining human, or find a blood substitute before time runs out. However, a covert group of..
The Last Man on Earth
After a plague breaks out the entire population of the world is turned into Zombies. Dr. Robert Morgan is the lone survivor who has to fight for his life at every step. He finds Ruth Collins, who is also contaminated and tries to save her with his own blood. But it is harder than he has expected.
How to Survive a Plague
Activism and innovation turns the life taking AIDS into a manageable condition because of the two coalitions ACT UP and TAG who in spite of lack of training penetrate into the pharmaceutical industry advising life saving drugs and moving from experimental trials to people in time record. Are these..
The Omega Man
A biological warfare has wiped out the entire human race from the face of earth. Only a few survive with physical and psychological deformations and think that science and technology is the origin of their agony. Dr. Robert Neville, has also survived, thanks to an experimental vaccine. But now he ha..
Dade is a 11-year old boy in 1988 who is arrested for crashing computer systems of New York Stock Exchange. However, Dade hasn't commit it, he is prohibited to use computers and telephones till his eighteenth year. After 7 years, he joins in a high school where he meets Kate. She invites him to a ha..
Season of the Witch
This movie revolves around a 14th century crusader who becomes a part of a mission to transport to a remote abbey, a girl accused of being a witch when he returns to the fateful homeland turned to graveyard due to the Black Plague. The story follows his journey along with the disgraced itinerant, a ..
Panic in the Streets
In the New Orleans slum, a Blackie and his friends fight against an illegal immigrant who had won lot of money in a card game. The next morning the doctor of the Public Health Service makes a confirmation of the dead person had pneumonic plague. This is a catastrophic epidemic that must be stopped a..
Black Death
The movie depicts a plot of medivial europe engulfed with a plague. A village seems to be immune of this plague. A knight along with a monk is orderd by the church to investigate the matter. Their jouney and entry into the village is full of dangers and horror.

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