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The Plague
An adrenaline filled weekend of parties, drugs and violence seen through the eyes of four multicultural friends living in the melting pot that is London's ..
The Plague Dogs
The Plague Dogs is a 1982 animated film based on the 1977 novel of the same name by Richard Adams. The story is centred on two dogs named Rowf and Snitter, who ..
The Plague
All the worldwide children of less than nine years fall in coma at the same time. Ten years later, Tom Russel is released from prison after killing a man in a f..
The Plague of the Zombies
Sir James Forbes makes an entry into an isolated village in order to discover this strange plague that is affecting the inhabitants. Charles is a local Squire w..
The 8th Plague
The 8th Plague is the story of a woman named Launa who is investigating the disappearance of her sister, Nikki. Nikki had gone camping in the mountain town of H..
Flash Gordon: Conquers the Universe
A mysterious plague, the Purple Death, ravages the earth. Dr. Zarkov, investigating in his spaceship, finds a ship from planet Mongo seeding the atmosphere with..
The Sick House
Anna is an archaeologist who is in the process of excavating a site which was subject to a 17th century plague hospital. Scarily it unleashed the ghost of a mal..
The Cassandra Crossing
The Cassandra Crossing is an all-star disaster spectacular telling of the terrifying odyssey of 1000 doomed passengers trapped aboard a plague-infested train. A..
The Masque of the Red Death
Prince Prospero is the worshipper of the dark forces and has summoned the nobles in his mansion to seek protection against the Red Death. The guests go for part..
An outbreak of a bacteria called M-3 causes people to die in extreme pain via body spasms. A woman who is a carrier escapes from a hospital and goes on the run,..

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