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Are All Men Pedophiles?
For the first time a documentary examines the global impact of pedophilia from a cultural and professional perspective. We live in a society that condemns pedophiles, though biological instinct and world cultures throughout history suggest that an attraction to adolescents is as natural as it is una..
The plot of the movie begins with a young boy who happens to stay on in the Long Island, losing on almost everything he had in his association. He also gets done away with every being that he used to know. The movie progresses and gets complex with the relationship he has developed with a man who is..
The film depicts different twists that develop in relationships with the passage of time. On refusing an overweight suitor a woman gets cursed. One of her sisters is married to a psychiatrist who suddenly develops a liking for his son's classmates. Meanwhile her parents decide to break away and his ..
Soon after Ji-won gets a new cell phone, her friend's young daughter, Yeong-ju, puts it to her ear and immediately begins screaming in terror. When other strange things start happening in connection with the phone, Ji-Won does some investigating and discovers that of the people before her who h..
Life During Wartime
The movie is a sequel to the film Happiness in 1998. The summary of this movie is family, friends and lovers put in a lot of effort in order to find forgiveness, meaning and live in a world which is torn by war. Through the emotions of suffering and comedy the movie depicts its storyline very effect..
There are times when it seems that video surveillance is a thing which is omnipresent in America. In fact the film is like a historical note which depicts events which are through the recording and eyes of nothing else but video cameras. The action that unravels in San Fernando is shown and out come..
Murder Collection V.1
The movie is all related to deaths and its consequences along with vividly portraying the extent at which death is plausible in a man's life. The entire presentation of the movie deals with a television forecast in which a man was responsible for disclosing footages on actual murders and getting eac..
Hard Candy
A charming 32 year old photographer is talking with a 14 year old girl, who is rather matured for her age, over the computer. But she suspects him to be pedophile and thus decides to go home and expose him. The story of how she meets and exposes him or whether she is right in her intuition is reveal..
Hobo with a Shotgun
The main plot of the story centers on a vigilante who is practically homeless and is up to doing away with cops who are corrupt and ill-intentioned. The scumbags along with the pedophile Santas have also not managed to escape his eye and that all this have been done by means of a trusted shotgun he ..
Every Mother's Worst Fear
Faced with her parents' recent divorce, her mother working long hours and her high school boyfriend dumping her, 16-year-old Martha looks for solace in the world of Internet chat rooms. Innocent chatting turns deadly as Martha attracts the attention of a pedophile and cyber-kidnapping ring. Mar..

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