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Various presidents of the United States of America from Nixon to Bush talk about making America less dependent for oil on other countries. Although they are incapable to reduce the dependency. After the hurricane Katrina strikes, the oil prices rise more than 3$ per gallon for the first time.
The Night They Saved Christmas
An oil company explores the Artic circle and identify two sites to extract oil. When they blast the first site it rocks Santa Claus village. Santa realizes that if the second site is blasted it will destroy his house. He convinces a woman whose husband works with the oil company and he describes his lifestyle¬Ö
On Deadly Ground
The role of an environmental agent namely Forrest Taft is rather important in the film. He works for Aegis Oil Company based in Alaska. The CEO of the company is a rather cunning and devious man. In fact he has only selfish interests and is concerned only if he is minting money or not. He cares the least bit whether th..
Women from the Lake of Scented Souls
Xiang is a hardworking woman and has to take care of her family as her husband is an alcoholic and likes to laze around. She has a small business dealing in sesame oil. Gradually she expands her business with the help from Japanese investors but happiness in life is perhaps not for her.
There Will Be Blood
A socially realistic movie, as it is, There Will Be Blood, deals with a multifaceted collage of various sentiments and circumstances that are in prevalence in every day society. Starting off with family and its essence, the movie progresses focusing on Religion along with sentiments like hatred and madness, so as to vi..
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks
The movie talks about how Ilsa is employed by An Arab Sheikh. The Sheikh indulges in importing women who are utilized as sex slaves. In fact even Ilsa plays a very sadistic role in the movie as she also moves around with topless guards who do gross things like men's testicles. The movie is nothing less than a freak sho..
Dallas - War of The Ewings
Sue and Bobby have been managing Ewing Oil for two years. J.R. on the other hand is the owner of a large oil group but wants the ownership of his dad's business also. Soon he finds out that Ray Krebb's land has untapped sources of oil on it, he realizes he has taken the right step. He has the desire of buying the land ..
The Big Fix
This 2012 documentary is about two filmmakers named Josh and Rebecca Tickell. It captures their travels along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico as they meet residents who went through the tragic 2010 BP Oil Spill. It argues that BP utilized the oil dispersant Corexit in the Gulf for creating the illusion of Louisiana bea..
Dallas: J.R. Returns
Many years after J.R. Ewing has lost Ewing Oil and presumably committed suicide that people come to know that he is still alive and doing well. He comes back to Dallas and plans his greatest scheme. He wants to bring his family back together and gain back his control on Ewing Oil.
Lorenzo's Oil
After the age of seven Lorenzo Odone is diagnosed with a rare incurable degenerative brain disorder where he would suffer from blackouts, memory lapses, and other strange mental phemonenons. After giving up on the doctors & medicines in this area the Odones began to educate themselves to discover something which will h..

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