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High Tide
In this movie, the central character Lille is a singer of popular Elvis numbers. On one of her singing tours, she finds her daughter at a mobile home close to a small town. She follows her through until she comes face to face with her past. Will Lille fight to bring her family together?
Maxine Connors and her daughter Paige are experts in conning rich men into marriage and then charging them with infidelity, resulting in a robust divorce settlement. With Paige falling in love with a young bartender, Max is faced with the challenge to choose between money from her current victim and her daughter's happ..
Singapore Sling
Paul (James Caan) and Jennifer (Katharine Ross) are a couple of rich however nonchalant Upper East Side New York socialites with a disposition now and again going with the overprivileged: a penchant to divert themselves in a peculiar, chic, and upscale design, hence playing socialite recreations for their associates, a..
After a one night stand with the charming Dr. Steve Dallas, Stella, a happy go lucky bar waitress becomes pregnant. After refusing the good doctor's offer to marry him, she raises her daughter Jenny with equal bravery. Things change when Jenny grows up and gets attached to the high end life of her father and starts see..
Hyun-soo is raised by her renowned plastic surgeon mother. She has never seen her father in her life and has never realized his absence. Everything was going fine till a series of mysterious suicides of her friends put her in troubles. All these friends had facial surgery done by her mother.

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