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Night of the Demon
Professor Nugent and his students embark on a journey to locate Bigfoot believed to be responsible for countless deaths. They disturb a Black Magic ritual and e..
Graduation Day
Laura, a high school track runner dies from a heart attack after a 30-second 200-meter race. After the incident, a killer wearing a sweat suit and a mask begins..
Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue
The plot chronicles the exploits of Michael, a teenager who is using marijuana and stealing his father's beer. His younger sister, Corey, is worried about ..
The Beast
Graves Point is a small seaport village in which jobs as well as fishing opportunities are reaching to a bare minimum. There were mysterious killings as well st..
After the death of his wife, Jakes Barner along with his two children has get relocated in Alaska. He delivers toilet papers in the mountainous regions. His pla..
The Defiant Ones
A truck meets with an accident leaving prisoners in the back killed. Only two men survive who are now missing – a black man Noah Cullen chained with a white ma..
Maro Charitra
The story is about a boy Balu who falls in love instantly with his neighbor Swapna. She also reciprocates his love. However their parents oppose. Their parents ..
This Time Around
We all wish we could change the past. For Mel that day has come. In junior high, Mel and Gabby (Sara Rue) were the biggest geeks. Of course, Mel had a crush on ..
The residents of Amity island and holiday makers are dropped in deep trouble when shark attacks one after another start taking life away like anything. Sheriff ..
Picnic at Hanging Rock
In 1900, the stern headmistress of a private school in Australia permits female students to travel to an ancient volcanic outcropping on Saint Valentine's Day. ..

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