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Brooklyn's Finest
The movie rotates around the three policemen whose relationship with their work is drastically different. Its happens in the notoriously rough Brownsville section of Brooklyn and epically with the housing projects in NYPDs(fictional) 65th precinct. It shows the different angles, dangers and also the..
The box office hit ‘In The Mood For Love' is the one to which 2046 is a sequel. This film is about affairs, relationships that are ending and also shared love for Kung-Fu novels. The main character of the film, named Chow writes novel and reflects back on his love Su.
The Black Castle
A Man investigates the disappearance of two of his friends who were the guests of a sinister Austrian count.
Broadway Limited
The entire story unravels on an express train from Chicago to Manhattan. April is a Hollywood starlet and Ivan and Patsy her producer and secretary consecutively. In order to get some publicity for April, Ivan and Patsy decide to adopt a baby on behalf of the client. However there turns out to be a ..
The Unfaithful Wife
Insurance executive Charles suspects his wife Hélène of playing the field, so he has a private detective locate his wife's lover, author Victor Pegala. Confronting Victor, Charles tries to adopt an air of indifference, but the conversation ends with the husband bludgeoning the aut..
Route 666
Smith, who is supposed to be a mob informer is all up to hiding himself in the desert land of Arizona, It is at this point of time that one of his allies happen to move him out of the place before the hit men got him in their hands, thus making their way on a route named Route 666, making way for un..
In the seemingly serene suburbs of Sunshine Hills a cloud of mystery start brewing up when teenagers, one after another go missing. Suzy, a sweet little girl, decides to team up with Fourteen year old Daniel in order to get to the bottom of the mystery. But it is tougher and more dangerous than it s..
Greta is a little girl travelling to California with her father with most of their household belongings in an old station wagon. Greta is told that her mother will join them later, but during her enjoyable journey with her father, the little girl realizes that her parents are going through a straine..
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Marilyn Monroe is the blonde in question in this second film version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Miss Lorelei Lee, whose philosophy is 'diamonds are a girl's best friend.' Together with her best human friend Dorothy (Jane Russell), showgirl Lorelei embarks upon a boat trip to Paris, ..
Never Take Sweets from a Stranger
Jean Carter has no money left for candy so her friend Lucille convinces her to go to a sinister mansion where the owner of the Mansion, Clarence Olderberry, gives out candy for free asking the girls to perform a naked dance. When Jean's family founds out the ugly truth, they decide to go after Older..

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