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Mutiny on the Bounty
The Bounty is a British ship on its voyage to Tahiti Island under the unethical and harsh discipline of Captain Bligh to load breadfruit plants. After spending a long time in paradise like Tahiti, it becomes too much for the crew to bear the harassment from the captain which leads to a mutiny.
Hard Candy
A charming 32 year old photographer is talking with a 14 year old girl, who is rather matured for her age, over the computer. But she suspects him to be pedophile and thus decides to go home and expose him. The story of how she meets and exposes him or whether she is right in her intuition is revealed.
Yoshioka investigates the murder mystery of an unknown women dressed in red. As an experienced detective she finds out that the dead women's stomach is full of seawater however her body is found on Tokyo waterfront. All the clues found are directing towards him. He himself was the prime suspect. He goes insane when he ..
Knight and Day
This story is based on the action-comedy which centers on a fugitive couple. They always tried to connect with glamorous and sometimes harmful adventure where they have nothing to do. Certainly they meet with alliances and some unexpected betrayals; they race all over the globe. The main aim of the story is the battle ..
Quiet killer
On her way back from New York, Sarah a teenager gets very sick. She is discovered to the horror of her coroners to have died from a deadly plague which if not contained would kill half the city in a few days. They must now try to save everyone by finding all the people Sarah was in contact with.
Super 8
A group of friends from a small town want to film the train depot, while they encounter a massive accident caused by derailment from which they barely escape. As they go about searching for evidences, they have to come across several revelations and twists to find out source of these several social mishaps.
Apollo 18
The movie revolves around the story of three astronauts who are sent to the moon by the USA to counteract the measures of Russia in undermining their lunar operations. The movie is shown by means of video footages and depicts how the three find out sinister presence on the moon and fall prey to it.
A loner ex police officer driven by vengeance, a simpleton auto rickshaw driver in search of his missing brother and a struggling actor with ambition to become a film star, in search of fame, success and wealth. Their lives soon get intertwined because their world is linked by a secret.
Paiyaa is a 2010 Indian Tamil romantic action film. The story revolves around a romantic journey of a young and beautiful couple. An unemployed carefree gentleman is asked by a young IT employee, who is incidentally a girl. After some day he falls in love with her, and then escorts her from Bangalore to Mumbai.
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?
Aunty Roo is the owner of an orphanage who seems kind and loving on the surface. In reality, Aunty Roo is a mentally disturbed person who has saved her mummified daughter in her attic. When she spots a girl who reminds her of her daughter, she imprisons her with the intention of keeping her in the horrid attic.

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