18 movies about 'Meth' (page 1/2)

Bloody Tie
In this uncompromising vision of the gritty Korean underworld, a crystal meth dealer with a tragic past is forced to team up with a renegade cop to take down a ..
Ross is a college drop out who is addicted to crystal meth. He encounters a variety of oddball-folks which also includes Nikki, a stripper and her boyfriend who..
Phil Broker, who is tired of risk and violence in his career, leaves his original residence to move on to some other place after the death of his boss's son alo..
Cook County
This moving drama is about Sonny, who returns to his home in East Texas to mend his relationship with his son. But his dreams may be jeopardized due to his brot..
Wicked Blood
Hannah and Amber Baker are trapped in a dark Southern underworld of violence, drugs and bikers. Both live in fear of their 'Uncle Frank' Stinson, the ..
Pawn Shop Chronicles
A honeymooning couple arrives at a pawnshop and surprisingly, the husband finds his first wife's wedding ring there. His first wife has gone missing and seeing ..
The Street King
In life, there's silver, and there's lead, says Rikki Ortega, as he moves to be king of the street in 'Ánglio,' L.A.'s east side..
Just Add Water
A decent and introvert guy, namely Ray Tuckby, is all up to getting frustrated and losing on in his life when he happens to meet a stranger who boosts him up to..
Junction follows four strung-out meth-addicts who discover a dark secret about a homeowner during a burglary, pitting them not only against the police but again..
You Are Here
Six young people spend the morning after a wild club spree trying to piece together their misadventures from the night before, including a trip to the veterinar..

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