11 movies about 'Loveless marriage' (page 1/2)

In Secret
The plot-line is set in the 1860s of Paris. Therese is a beautiful young woman who gets trapped in a loveless marriage with Camille who is an unhealthy man. Theresa couldn't come out of the relationship because of her domineering aunt, Madame Raquin. She meets her husband's attractive friend Laurent and has an affair w..
Come Back, Little Sheba
Lola and Doc are a typical middle-aged married couple who have experienced a loss of spark in their relationship. As a young and attractive Marie steps into their house as a tenant, Lola and Dona are made aware of what they are missing in their relationship in all the past years of mutual resentment.
Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy
Heather Thompson is bored with her boring and loveless middle class life and a loveless marriage. To spruce things up she heads to a club and meets a partying Lloyd Buist, who is also a drug user. Despite the negativity, Heather falls hard for Lloyd. Together she starts experimenting with this new life of love and drug..
A promising scientist by the name Jim establishes a business and sells hair tonic at a fair along with his ex-army colleague Dan. Jim gets into a fight with local hoods over pitch spaces and later falls in love with Jane who he finds in a nearby candy floss stall. Both of them begin dating. But Jim has not disclosed to..
Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina is a classic story of love set in late 19th century in Russia's high society. The story revolves around capacity of love that flow through hearts. It is all about Anna's Question for her married life and happiness. The story is based on Leo Tolstoy's Novel.
The Square
Raymond Yale is very bored in his marriage which is devoid of love. In the process Raymond gets attracted to Carla and has an affair with her. Carla gives him the money which was got through the the husband's latest crime. This is what Carla and Ray were posed with, take the money and flee but maybe it is not that simp..
The movie is about the relationship between a Irish- American scientist, Allen, and a Lebenesse Muslim chef, whom she met after discovering her husband's relationship with her goddaughter's mother. The relationship with the chef faces some problems on religious issues and Allen returns to her homeland. Later, for filli..
Mr. Skeffington
Pretty and popular Fanny Trellis is compelled to get into a marriage devoid of love with a man much older than her named Job Skeffington who is a Jewish baker. She is forced to get into this marriage just to save her dear brother Trippy from charges of being a fraud.
Elena Undone
Peyton and Elena are two absolutely different women who have happened to come together in due course of life and time and the movie entirely deals with the friendship between the two that has turned into something much deeper that made them think of being with each other for the rest of their lives.
The Great Dan Patch
David Palmer, a chemist who lives in Chicago returns to Oxford, Indiana for his upcoming marriage with Ruth Treadwell, who works as a school teacher. Dan, his father, receives him very warmly but is disappointed to hear that David would move to Indianapolis along with Ruth. When Ruth learns this, she was disappointed a..

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