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Dan is a lonely and bored man who, out of his own marital frustrations, starts dating the beauties online and this has led him into the world of darkness and si..
Full Contact
Jeff is trying very hard to get his buddy out of a gambling debt. In the process, he also agrees on joining the forces with Judge in a weapons heist. But the jo..
Rocky is an American sports film, It is the story of Rocky, an uneducated but kind-hearted debt collector. The hero starts out as a club fighter who later gets ..
A Christmas Carol
A modern version of the classic Dickens tale, in which Eddie Scrooge is a mean loan shark who sees the error of his ways.
A Lousy 10 Grand
Owing $10,000 to a loan shark, a suburban family man/toilet designer for NASA secretly agrees to marry a rich foreign princess in order to keep her in the U.S. ..
Get Shorty
Chili Palmer working as a loan shark soon finds himself working under his arch rival Ray Barboni after his boss Momo dies. He is assigned to a loan recovery tas..
Frogs for Snakes
A group of unemployed theater actors survive by working as illegal money collectors. The loan shark they are working for owns an Off-Broadway theater. As he dec..
A man has been treated like a dog throughout his life by the person who brought him up and has been prepared as a non stop fighting machine. After suffering an ..
So Fine
While trying to get his father out of a financial jam, a man comes up with an idea that turns into an unexpected overnight financial fashion success - the botto..
Dear God
When letters written to God start getting results, and replies, people everywhere are amazed. The Post Office however is annoyed.

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