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This American Sci-Fi film is about Billy Duncan a loner teenager, who fortunately gets an alien ray gun that is lost while traveling across the desert. He uses the vicious weapon to take revenge on his enemies. So soon, he rapidly becomes violent to his enemies, alien creatures who demolish anyone w..
Laser Mission
A CIA agent is sent to get Professor Braun before the KGB can seize him as the Prof's knowledge, together with a recently stolen diamond, could be used to make a laser cannon.
Real Genius
Mitch is a young genius whom has been taken up by a university that is known for its programs on the genius students. Mitch and the other students who are like him are associated in building the laser that can test their abilities. All these forms the plot and the sub plot of the movie.
A young lad is lost in the jungles of Congo while searching for diamonds. His father, the megalomaniac CEO decides to send his former daughter in law, who also happens to be an ex CIA operative, in search of his son. The team soon finds out something that can be termed as the reason for their downfa..
Howard the Duck
A scientific experiment unknowingly brings extraterrestrial life forms to the Earth through a laser beam. First is the cigar smoking drake Howard from the duck's planet. A few kids try to keep him from the greedy scientists and help him back to his planet. But then a much less friendly being ar..
Evolver is a prominent toy which is associated wit the cyber generation. It is highly powerful and fierce and its association with the video game whiz is highly portrayed in this movie, which progresses with a number of accidental happenings that take place with this Evolver robot, thus making way f..
Mom and Dad Save the World
Marge Nelson catches the eye of the evil emperor Tod Spengo who kidnaps her and Dick, her husband with a view to marry her before destroying the earth. But, neither the emperor nor his subordinates have a good intelligence and Dick starts fooling them every now and then and make arrangements for sav..
The Kids Are All Right
The main plot of action in this story begins with a pair of children who are conceived by means of the medical process called the artificial insemination. The action further progresses when with due course of time, these kids work out to get their father in their family, the climax of the movie show..
Raiders of the Living Dead
In an abandoned prison, a doctor has revived executed convicts as the living dead. Teenager, Jonathan creates a laser gun from a videodisc player and pursues the walking dead, aided by his girlfriend and grandfather. Also tracking down the zombies is a tabloid reporter.
The main plot of the story deals with an itinerant who is young by age but is made to confront the reality of belonging to an extrasteller origin and this has happened when his own members were up to invading the earth allegedly. The movie progresses with the confrontation done of this itinerant and..

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