28 movies about 'Inquisition' (page 1/3)

Man of La Mancha
A musical version of Don Quixote with the incident taken supposedly taken from the life of its author, Miguel de Cervantes. Don Quixote is a delusional and agin..
Female Yakuza Tale
Ocho is accidentally captured by a drug trafficking cartel who use Chinese women to smuggle drugs into Japan by hiding it in their vaginas. She is tortured, and..
Goya's Ghosts
Painter Francisco Goya faces a scandal involving his muse, who is labeled a heretic by a monk.
The Brainiac
In 1661 Mexico, the Baron Vitelius of Astara is sentenced to be burned alive by the Holy Inquisition of Mexico for witchcraft, necromancy, and other crimes. As ..
History of the World: Part I
This movie is a parody of the historical genres and is sub divided into four chapters. Major segments of the story include Stone Age, Roman Empire, Spanish Inqu..
Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun
16-year-old Maria is forced into Serra D'Aires convent, secretly run by Satanists. Her confessor is in collusion with the Mother Superior. Maria is torture..
The Tribulations of Balthazar Kober
Story about the young Balthazar thrown from one remarkable event to the other. On his way through a plague hit the landscape, he meets the Kabbalists, priests -..
Captain from Castile
This is a historical adventure film which was released by 20th century fox in the year 1947 and was directed by Henry King. The shooting of this movie was done ..
The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time
The French medieval age ruffians form the major part of the plot of this movie which makes them get back to the present day for making their incomplete ends mee..
The Fountain
The Fountain is supposed to be a unique amalgamation of the stories of three men who are delivering continuous efforts in their own ways so as to glorify their ..

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