48 movies about 'High school senior' (page 1/5)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
A young boy, who is a wise student of a high school, has made up his mind to take a day off from the school without intimating his father and the Principal about it. However the Principal of his school has understood that the boy is just playing up casual with the former, thus getting desperate on catching him by any m..
Struck by Lightning
This movie is a comedy drama film of a high school senior named Carson Phillips. He gets killed in the school parking lot by the stroke of lighting. He became the youngest editor of his school magazine and thinks about how he blackmailed his fellow students to contribute in the magazine.
The Girl Next Door
Matthew Kidman promptly falls in love with the girl who moves next door. He thinks that Danielle is the girl of his dreams but soon is informed by his friend Eli that she is in fact a former porn star. Matthew is taken aback and is placed in a critical position. the situation worsens when Kelly visits Danielle to take ..
Wild Cherry
Katlyn, Helen and Trish are three college going girls who have taken a vow to keep themselves virgin till the right time. Their self imposed sexual abstinence make them a talk of the college and all the guys are after them to make them break their vow. They need to resist the seductions that are going to come their way..
Walking the Halls
“Walking the halls” is a high school drama about a girl Casey. A high profile incident gets her into the radar of undercover call girls of the school. Unknown to her, she enters the trade of prostitution. When she discovers it, she is horrified and sets to put things straight.
For Keeps
Darcy who is an editor in a high school paper meets her long-term boy-friend Stan. Both are in the last months of schooling and get to move away to different college campuses. They start to sleep together and surprise Darcy gets pregnant. Darcy's mother who is a divorced is not willing to take care of her nor Stan's fa..
Joe is an 18 year old high school boy living with his sister and single mother on the notorious estate called Caphart Projects. He was molested at the age of 10 and he does not reveal this to his friends or family. Joe moves away from the family and lives with Victor and wants to escape to Bangor with his help…
Get Over It
Berke Landers is a high school basketball star. He has recently been dumped by his longtime girlfriend Allison. He is however desperate to get her back and takes the help of Kelly, the sister of his best friend Felix. The story takes a turn when Berke realizes that he is getting more and more attracted towards Kelly.
The First Time
This film is an American romantic comedy. Dave Hodgeman is a high school student who is longing to bond with Jane Harmon. But it is not possible. Aubrey Miller has an older boyfriend Ronny who is very insensitive towards Aubrey. Sparks rise between Dave and Aubrey when they meet for the first time.
Three high school students who are close friends make an implausible discovery. The discovery gives them unnatural powers which are beyond imagination. When they try to control their abilities, to their surprise, their life goes out of control...............

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