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All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
Animated musical adventure romantic comedy film where two dogs from heaven visit earth to retrieve the stolen horn. In this journey they met one human boy who ran away from home. It is based on the life of two dogs, who come in touch with human affection and also how dogs are often treated.
Three Steps Above Heaven
Hugo Olivera, a lawless man involved in street racings and chest beating, has been let off with a fine of 6000 euros for assaulting his mother's boyfriend. He is attracted to Babi Alcazar. The two of them get together and Babi gets into street racing with Hugo. Eventually they break apart.
The Gate of Heavenly Peace
The Gate of Heavenly Peace centers around images of movements that are centered around emotions and imperfect memory. It is about students and government, in the 1989 events where the students were thought to be imitating May 4 leaders. In the process they opt for a gradual social change leading to ..
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Charlie is a casino owning dog who gets killed up opponent Carface. Charlie finds himself in heaven. He wants to get revenge from his killer. He goes back with the warning that the killing will lead him to hell. He gets back with Itchy who is his old partner for this vengeance, he also comes across ..
The Other Side of Heaven
John is a middle class boy who lived in Idaho Falls, had crossed the Pacific to the exotic Tongan Island in the 1950's. He left behind his loving family and through his letters had sent message of his love for his girl back home. He has to struggle and overcome the language to earn the trust of the ..
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Named after Bob Dylan's famous song, this German crime comedy revolves around two patients in a hospital who are aware that their days are numbered. Picking up a bottle of alcohol they head out on a trip to the sea. They steal a Mercedes but are soon followed by gansters who owns the car.
The Mad Monk
A mad monk is high on attempting to get three misguided souls to get on to the right path, by means of his special powers. He is up to changing a prostitute, a beggar along with a boy who is an overall negative person. The challenge is that the monk is supposed to be completing this task in not more..
Arjun, who is addicted to making money by means of card games, happens to fall in love with Zoya who gives him the reason for Arjun to get into severe illegal means for making a quick buck. From a minor, Arjun makes his way to a bookie and then to a runner working for an underworld mafia. This calls..
The Lathe of Heaven
George Orr is convicted for misusing the medications in prescription. He takes them to keep himself away from dreaming. He wants to go with psychiatric care to prevent legal action. William Haber treats Orr and gets explanation of him that his dreams change the reality since his 17th age. Later Habe..
Ocean Heaven
The entire movie of Ocean Heaven is dealt with the theme of parental love, how it is supposed to be and what wonders it creates if in proper shape and quantity. Along with the love of parents the movie is also concerned about the feature of autism that is found in kids very often, thus making the vi..

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