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Gangs of New York
The main plot of the story begins with Amsterdam Vallon who is shown to be closing to the Five Points area, with the motive to revenge on the Butcher called Bill so as to repay him for getting the father of the former killed. The climax tells whether the revenge is complete or is it a beginning of a..
The Quest
Chris has seen almost all kinds of tough and murky situations in life, only to land up in the soil of Thailand where he is up to getting himself taught of the best of Martial Arts. He needs to get into the competition and prove himself best amongst some really tough competitors, thus he needs not on..
The Stink of Flesh
Nathan and Dexy are struggling as a married couple after a zombie plague kills a majority of the population. Nathan must find survivors of the plague to help pleasure his wife while hot zombies for his own pleasures.
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Lara Croft is a tomb raider and an expert at it. She is loaded with money but here passion is finding tombs and treasures. She is bestowed with the task of finding one such tomb, which is also being hunted by another party. Will Lara defeat her enemies and find this tomb first and secure it.
Captain Conan
Conan and his fellow fighters are at home when they are at war. After the end of the First World War the team goes to Bucharest in order to live in peace but soon he finds that peace is not for them. When Conan and his team is again sent to Russia to fight the Bolsheviks they find they are at the ri..
Agent 47 has been genetically engineered to be a ruthless assassin and is controlled by ‘The Organization'. Amidst a political conspiracy he starts treading across Eastern Europe with the Russian Military and the Interpol on his trail. He comes across a mysterious woman who stirs up his conscience b..
The Horde
The plot rotates around an aggregation of Parisian policemen who set out on a mission of retaliation after one of their partners passes on at the hands of an infamous street pharmacist stayed inside a denounced skyscraper in the heart of a forsaken and degenerate Paris neighborhood(zup). They storm ..

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