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Two best friends, Bill and Epstein, set out in search of riches to the Yukon Territory. Their journey is one of many adventures in the harsh lands where many dangerous characters are all on the lookout for unclaimed riches. Our heroes must survive the wrath of nature and face their foes in this gold..
North Star
The back drop of the story is set in the 1800s. During this period there was a gold rush that was there in the country of Alaska. Sean McLennon is desperate to take control of a small mining town and for that he is buying up all the mines that are available to him after the death of the previous own..
The Spoilers
Roy Glennister and Dextry partner together in gold mining. They are financed by Cherry Malotte who helps them fight their claim for gold against Alexander McNamara, the crooked commissioner. The film has some comical hints which make it even more appealing.
The Claim
A prospector is selling his wife along with daughter to another gold miner for getting some gold mine. 20 years later, he becomes a very wealthy man owning most of the old west town named Kingdom Come. But his past is coming back to brew him. As a surveyor is scouting new areas for rail road's, a wo..
Paint Your Wagon
A prospector and a Michigan farmer become partners in California Gold county. They go on an adventurous journey to do some creative gold mine and along the way it involves hijacking a stage, buying and sharing a wife, kidnapping prostitutes, drinking, singing and gambling.
Dudley Do-Right
Royal Canadian Mountie Dudley Do-right is actively taking up activities such that peace is maintained in their tiny little mountain town. However within no time his old rival called Snidely Whiplash comes up. He has an agenda to purchase all the property that the town has. This leads to a crazy gold..
Honky Tonk
The main plot of the story deals with Candy Johnson who is a con man along with being a grifter. This is a really corrupt and a fast talking man who has managed to sit on the boss's chair ion the Yellow Creek. However the father of Johnson's wife, in spite of being alcoholic, takes active initiative..
The Cat's Meow
Several people are aboard a yacht in California. These people are at the crossroads in their lives and careers. Somebody wants to move to Hollywood, while the other one aspires of appearing in a comedy; still the other one is suffering with the failure of his film and is rumored to have impregnated ..
River of No Return
This movie is a western tale that is set in the days during the California Gold Rush. Miss Monroe is a saloon singer falls a prey in the arms of Robert Mitchum after being cruelly abandoned by her husband. Calhoun, a farmer and his son help the saloon singer to search her estranged husbandů
The New Land
The immigrants to the New World are face with hardships that they overcome with their hard work. They live a more or less happy life until tragedy strikes. Civil war and an uprising by the natives make their life more difficult. Roberts sets out in search of gold in California but has little hint th..

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