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A director develops a ballet giving it his interpretation to the story of Salome. Salomé is in love with John the Baptist. However, due to his holy status he cannot accept her love. When King Herod requests Salomé to dance for him, the vengeful Salome, at the end of the dance, asks for the head of John th..
Lovely Singh is Divya's bodyguard appointed by her father to protect her from goons on account of him being a politician. Lovely falls in love with Chaya, unbeknownst that Chaya is Divya. Imagining Maya, Divya's friend to be Chaya, Lovely marries Maya and together they have a son and Divya remains unmarried. Chaya dies..
In Your Eyes
This is a Pilipino tale of love and separation set in present day United States. The tale begins with two sisters Ciara and Julia, struggling to stay afloat in their newly immigrated land. Julia's boyfriend joins them where he grows closer to Ciara. The tale is a gripping encounter of love and deceit.
Though None Go With Me
The story of a young woman Elizabeth Leroy who is growing in the 50's and devotes her life totally to the service of God. All of the hardships and sorrows that fall upon her test her and they lead her to question her own faith. She is tested again and again over the course of time.
7 Years
Vincent is in prison serving 7 years for a crime. His devoted wife, Maite is shown to be dedicated and caring nature and frequently visits her husband in prison. She soon finds herself embroiled in a sexual relationship with a young man Jean. She must decide the course of her life as he falls in love with her.
Suspect X
The story starts with a discovery of a male corpse which has a smashed face and burned hands. The cause of the death is found to be strangulation. Detective Utsumi attempts to corroborate the ex-wife alibi as she discovers that a mysterious neighbor and get some small cluesÂ…
Just Before Dawn
The film shows that a group of five campers come to a mountain. Their purpose is to examine some property which they have purchased but have also got prior alert from the forest ranger Roy McLean that that the area they have bought in under the terror spread by a big machete-wielding maniac.
Moonlight & Mistletoe
Nick happens to kill the seasonal spirit of his daughter Holly, which has cumulatively led the girl to leave her residence and get professionally engaged in some other place. She gets back when her father is in trouble in his own town thus making ways in which the approaching bankruptcy would be out of the same.
Soldier Blue
Cheyenne massacres a cavalry group; and only two survivors, Honus and Cresta remian. The former is a immature private who is loyal to his duties and the latter is a young lady who had been living with Cheyenne for two years. Her sympathies are inclined more towards them than to the government of the USA. They all shall..
Mary Reilly
Mary Reilly is engaged into the domestic chores in the house of Dr. Jekyll who is a good man and is pretty much rich. There is also a second man staying on with him, nurturing ill-intentions in his mind but yet the housemaid loves them. The movie is all about their relationship which gives in for a versatile series of ..

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