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Wings of Desire
Cassiel and Damiel, the two angels who have been roaming in this planet from even before humans evolved are now wandering in Berlin and observing people. When they come across a movie set Damiel expresses his desire of becoming human in order to have the sensory as well as the emotional aspects of b..
A Streetcar Named Desire
Blanche is currently putting up with her sister Stella and her family in New Orleans. When Stella tells her that she is going to have a baby Blanche reacts negatively because she is quite unhappy with Stella's husband. Meanwhile Mitch starts taking interest in Blanche quite unaware of Blanche's real..
The Sundowners
The carmody's husband & wife Paddy & Ida & their young teen aged son Sean are a migrant family in 1920's Australia. Paddy works as a sheep drover & loves their lifestyle of always being on the move & not being tied down by a regular routine. On the contrary, Sean & Ida want to buy their own farm for..
Both Dr. Akash and his father Dr. Siddharth work in a hospital which is supported by Siddharth. He dreams to run the best hospital with complete facilities. Akash loves Dr. Neha who works for the same hospital. Sonia is a rich, prideful girl who wants to marry Akash. He marries her to fulfill the dr..
The Century of the Self
The psychoanalysis theories put forth by Sigmund Freud have truly changed the world's understanding of how the human mind works. These theories have also led corporations and governments in the West to use Freudian theories. Do these theories put forth by Freud explain modern phenomenon such as comm..
Radha, a young girl sitting with her parents in a mustard field, her mother tell her a story in which she explains her that one much see things through mind even without actually looking at it. After few years a newly married young women, Sita trying to show her emotions to her husband Jatin. Her hu..
58 year old divorcee Gloria lives alone as all of her kids have left home. Now she is all set to defy old age along with being lonely and decides to head to single parties and seeks instant gratification. But she only meets disappointment and enduring emptiness. But when she finally meets Rodolfo, t..
Blue Is the Warmest Color
Adele does not share good relations with her classmates at high school. One day, she sees a blue haired woman and is immediately obsessed. She finds out that the woman is Emma. Emma helps Adele discover desire, and be strong to declare herself as an adult woman. Others notice how Adele grows, loses ..
T.D. Dasan Std: VI. B
Chandrika an independent single mother of one year old Dasan had been deserted by her husband Divakaran. Dasan finds the address of his father. Without letting his mother know he decides to write a letter to him. Will the letter ultimately reach him.
Life Just Is
Some university graduates by the names Pete, Tom, Claire and Jay go through lots of trouble in making move into adulthood. Some tries to find an answer to the meaning of life; some wants to get hurt again; Tom and Claire are perpetually attracted towards each other.

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