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The Mosquito Coast
Allie Fox is a brilliant inventor holding nine patents for his inventions. He, however, is disillusioned with the American Dream and wants to live a different type of life. He decides to build an ice factory in the jungle of Central America. But he has to overcome a number of obstacles before he can..
Pixote a 10 year old homeless boy is arrested from the streets of Sao Paulo. He must now face abuse, torture at the local youth detention center. After a couple of boys at the center at murdered by the police they trying to put the blame on a transvestite, Pixote along with his friends runs away.
Blood Dolls
A wealthy man Virgil Travis is a psychopath, when in quiet he lives in his mansion, with a dwarf butler and a right hand maniac man. Virgil underwent a tormented and by force was put to body transforming procedures. As a result his head size is abnormal. He abducted a female rock group in his baseme..
A River Changes Course
Award-winning filmmaker Kalyanee Mam travels to her native homeland to capture the stories of three young Cambodians struggling to maintain their traditional way of life while the modern world closes in around them. Deep in the jungle, Sav Samourn struggles as large companies encroach and progress c..

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