11 movies about 'Degradation' (page 1/2)

Emmanuelle Around the World
Famous undercover journalist Emanuelle teams with her friend Cora Norman to uncover a white slave ring.
Icelandic politicians and businesses try to lure aluminum production to the island country.
Never on Sunday
Never on Sunday is a 1960 Greek black-and-white film which tells the story of Ilya, a prostitute who lives in the port of Piraeus in Greece, and Homer, an Ameri..
Blood Dolls
A wealthy man Virgil Travis is a psychopath, when in quiet he lives in his mansion, with a dwarf butler and a right hand maniac man. Virgil underwent a tormente..
Story of a Cloistered Nun
A woman who was promised to a powerful family's son at birth falls in love with another man, refuses to renounce him, and is sent to a nunnery by her shock..
Beyond Our Differences
With all of the problems facing the world today war, poverty, weapons, environmental degradation, starvation, overpopulation and severe desperation among millio..
Pixote a 10 year old homeless boy is arrested from the streets of Sao Paulo. He must now face abuse, torture at the local youth detention center. After a couple..
The Mosquito Coast
Allie Fox is a brilliant inventor holding nine patents for his inventions. He, however, is disillusioned with the American Dream and wants to live a different t..
The Treasure
Nidhanaya is based on a dark tale by G.B. Senanayake and is considered a milestone film that people, even abroad, admire the most, albeit it is atypical of Lest..
The inside story of the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its principal leaders and organizers, including four Nobel Peace Prize nominees. Their succe..

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