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Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears
2 friends are helping Sam Houston to work for Texas statehood. Johnny Ears along with deaf-mute sidekick Erastus "Deaf" Smith. Together they are going after a Mexican on orders from Germany to agitate the populace. There are series of new events that will take place and all of them are caught in a m..
Hear and Now
A documentary about a deaf couple, regarding their life, trial and tribulations. They raised children who were not deaf. When they entered their 60's they went through cochlear implants and were introduced to sound. Now the new challenge was what to hear and what not to as their filmmaker daughter r..
The Hammer
The entire movie showcases the lifetime of a wrestler who is physically disabled and has yet managed to make his own record whatsoever. The wrestler is deaf and the film portrays how he turns up to be the Champion of the national Collegiate wrestling competition, breaking records of those who are ph..
The Quiet
Dot is made to move to the home of her godparents after her father's death. Here she happens to discover that there is something that is concealed between Nina, the daughter of her godparents and the father. This leads to Nina and Dot getting close to each other, however getting destroyed with the s..
Michelle McNally is the only daughter of Shimla based Paul and his wife Catherine. But when it is revealed that Michelle is blind and deaf, the couple decides to hide her from the world. Total seclusion makes Michelle volatile and violent but her life starts changing when Debraj Sahai, the teacher, ..
It's All Gone Pete Tong
Frankie Wilde is among the top DJ's in Ibiza and lives the life of a superstar along with Sonja Slowinski, his very beautiful wife. In a tragic twist, he starts losing his hearing capacity with only one proper functioning ear during the Ibiza season. To deal with his deafness, he goes into isolation..
See No Evil, Hear No Evil
A man is murdered and there are two witnesses one of them is blind who hears the killer and other deaf who sees the killer. The police don't think they are reliable witnesses but the killers disagree. The two men have to fight tooth & nail to bring the killers to justice & save themselves from the k..
Anthony Kaun Hai?
Champa Chaudhary alias Champ is a small-time crook who is into forgery of passports, photographs and such other deeds in Thailand. He gets caught by the police and is subsequently jailed for six months. There he meets presumable deaf and dumb inmate, Raghuvir Sharma who is serving life sentence for ..
And Now Tomorrow
A rich deaf girl Emily Blair is attended by Doctor Vance who comes from a poor background. As Vance tries to produce a serum for her illness the first attempt on her fails. Jeff her fiancé has an affair with her sister. Vance improves his serum and tries the new formulation on Emily again uns..
Touch the Sound
An inspiring documentary following the life of Evelyn Glennie who came to know that she was going deaf while she was still a student. But instead of giving up her study in music, she chose to focus on percussions and developed an ablity to feel the rhythm through her body.

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