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Death Ship
The main plot of the story begins with a group of soldiers who have somehow enabled themselves to survive a deadly collision of a ship. These persons are howeve..
Going Overboard
A struggling young comedian takes a menial job on a cruise ship where he hopes for his big chance to make it in the world of cruise ship comedy.
The Poseidon Adventure
The plot of this movie is centered on a cruise ship which has been a victim to a terrorist act just on the eve of New Year. There are a group of persons who sur..
Doctor in Trouble
Dr. Burke is in love with Ophelia but doesn't have time to propose to her as she leaves for a cruise to the Mediterranean. Also on board the cruise ship is..
Fascination Amour
Lau is a spoiled playboy who’s on fiancée number 8 - and makes sport of getting rid of them. With his entourage (including an amusing Anthony Wong)..
Week-End in Havana
A ship company employee, Jay Williams, is sent to Florida where one of the company cruise ships is stuck on a reef off of the coast. He obtains waivers from all..
The Diamond Arm
Semyon Gorbunkov goes on a cruise with a smuggler on board. In Istanbul, he slips and breaks his arm. What he didn't know is that this was a signal for the..
And the Ship Sails On
The story is about a gigantic and luxurious cruise ship which was carrying the ashes of Tetua, who had been a famous opera singer in her lifetime. The ship was ..
Up the Yangtze
Featuring life in modern China, this dramatic feature documentary portrays the lives of people who were affected by the building of hydroelectric dam over the Y..
10.5: Apocalypse
A massive 10.5 quake hits the west coast and is about to turn America into wastelands. It is up to a Seismologist Samantha Hill to avoid an even greater threat ..

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