48 movies about 'Brainwashing' (page 1/5)

Werner von Basil (a Austrian intellectual) was captured by the Nazi in 1938. The want to break him to confess smuggling. Without any mental sustenance, the only..
Remote Control
A video store clerk stumbles onto an alien plot to take over earth by brainwashing people with a bad '50s science fiction movie. He and his friends race to..
Blood Diner
Two cannibalistic brothers kill various young women to make their flesh part of their new special dish at their rundown restaurant while seeking blood sacrifice..
The Brain
Dr. Blake runs a TV show called 'Independent Thinkers', which is sort of a Scientology-like self-help/religion program. But he's not making his a..
A group of scientist take Simon, a psychology professor, as a test person for a brainwash experiment. After that they try to convince him that he was a living-b..
The Manchurian Candidate
Seargeant Raymond Shaw became the hero after saving his soldiers after the Captain Ben Marco fell and became unconscious. Shaw become eligible for vice presiden..
Grigori Borzov is a KGB agent who is sent to Russia to prevent a cold war. Barbara is a KGB double agent who accompanies Grigori in his task. But, as they face ..
The Manchurian Candidate
The Manchurian Candidate is a political thriller from American director John Frankenheimer. An American soldier is brainwashed into being a killer for the commu..
In Like Flint
Derek Flint is a former agent hired by Cramden to investigate the lost three minutes recorded by a stopwatch. The stopwatch was active when two women disguised ..
The Inhabited Island
Maxim, a space explorer from earth lands on an outer planet whose rulers have a repressive mentality toward their citizens. They use technology to control the m..

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