1000 movies about 'Boy' (page 11/100)

Antonio's Secret
Antonio is a curious fifteen year old who has just begun to come to terms with his sexuality. As he explores more and more his family disintegrates parallely. H..
Fat Man and Little Boy
Manhattan Project was a secret wartime project that was undergone in New Mexico. It is also the place where the first atomic bombs had been designed and built. ..
Down and Derby
A local Pinewood Derby competition transforms an average group of dads into overzealous rivals desperate to build the winning car. As egos swell, the kids are l..
Righteous Kill
Two veteran New York City detectives work to identify the possible connection between a recent murder and a case they believe they solved years ago; is there a ..
My Little Loves
A study of minor events in the adolescence of a boy growing up in small towns. Daniel lives with his grandmother and, after one year of high school, has to go t..
Rumble Fish
Rusty James is the kingpin of a small gang that is slowly fading away. His father drinks, his mother left, his brother is dead and all his relationships are sha..
Broken Arrow
Tom Jeffords is an Indian Scout. In the late 1870's he is given the task of ending the war between Apaches and Whites. In a hard way he learns that the Indians ..
A Korean horror film about an adopted young boy with a strange link to an old, dead acacia tree. As the boy settles in to his new home, the tree comes to life. ..
The Rescuers Down Under
An evil poacher kidnaps a little Australian boy, Cody and a golden eagle. The poacher aims to sell these endangered species at huge profits. But, Bernard and Mi..
I've Fallen for You
Alex boy disappointed by the new of his parent's divorce and no more willing to travel along with his father where his jobs takes the family, he seeks to do thi..

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