8 movies about 'Bosnian war' (page 1/1)

In the Land of Blood and Honey
A plot revolving round the Bosnian War, Danijel a soldier fighting for the Serbs re-encounters Ajla who is currently held captive in the camp he now oversees. Once promising relationships have become ambiguous in their new state where nothing is what it seems.
Behind Enemy Lines
It is an action war film which shows the final stages of Bosnian War in 1995. Navy Flight officer Chris Burnett and the pilot Jeremy Stackhouse are in an aircraft carrier for their reconnaissance mission. The mission is executed correctly till they find some unusual activity in that zone. Burnett asks Stackhouse to use..
Joshua Rose sees his family been killed by Islamic terrorists in a bomb blast. He is a State Department Official on embassy working in Paris. Just as the funeral finished he intrudes into a mosque nearby and kills several worshipers. His friend had to forcefully shoot a wounded person aiming Joshua. Where they might ha..
Special Forces
This is a movie based on a true story set in the troubled region of Kosovo. Elias, a noted journalist arrives to get a first-hand report on the situation. However, events take a turn for the worse as she is taken hostage by insurgents. A special team is assigned to rescue her.
In a small village in central Bosnia, the village is left only with women as all their men have gone on Bosnian war. The village has women produce plum jam and pastries but have no means to carry them to the market it being too far away. The winter is approaching and they need to make earning.
The Hunting Party
A knowledgeable cameraman, a promising journalist and a disgraced reporter join hands and decide on a bold plan to capture a criminal who is most wanted and who is the Bosnia's top war criminal. They are mistaken for CIS hit squad. Are they successful in their plan?
Twice Born
This film can be called a melodrama. The story is about an ill-starred lovestory that is set against the backdrop of the blockade of Sarajevo. The film moves forwards with various events taking place one after another, enough to keep the audience glued to their seats.
Killing Season
The film revolves around a reclusive and solitary American military veteran and a European tourist who strike up a friendship. However when their actual intentions come to surface what follows is a tense war . It is a one to one battle in the Smoky Mountain wilderness which makes it a rather gripping one.

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