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Jared Leto is a great singer and has a band for himself. The band name is called Thirty Seconds to Mars. The band finds it very difficult to record an album called This is War. It gets into a lawsuit as the title is controversial and they…
A dramatic movie as it is, Holly is the one which works around the severity of working as a prostitute for a woman. Patrick, the centre character, by destiny, meets a young girl who has been sold out to the traffickers and the plot moves on to the rescue of this girl from sexual exploitation.
Guns, Girls and Gambling
The movie centers on a group of anti-socials who are high on committing crimes and are almost recorded as wanted criminals. The plot focuses on their latest mission of hunting for a historical artifact, with the motive to own it by illegal means. The mystery of the film lies in whether they get succ..
Agent X44
King Aguila is a new entry into a secret agency. He confronts Mary Grace who is affluent and well versed in the business. But, as King fails in all the three tasks of his agencies, he gets a glorious chance to fight back. His mission becomes nearly impossible as he faces three dangerous rival crime ..
The Pretender: Island of the Haunted
Jarod and Miss Parker are two major characters in this movie, who are somehow trapped in an island where they are stuck in a real fatal situation. They have gone through a series of unexpected events after which they have got onto that island, where both of them get bits and pieces of their pasts re..
The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines
Post getting the Crystal Skull in Utah, Flynn Carsen gets hold of a map that has hidden location of King Solomon's Mines. But the scroll gets stolen and he is all set to retrieve the map. However, there is a decipher needed too for the location of King Solomon's mines. Flynn seeks help from Professo..
Dead Space: Downfall
It is an animated science fiction film where a substance called Red Marker is at the center of attraction. The Red marker is mined in the colony named as Aegis II. But people in that colony have been going insane and have been committing suicide. One such victim is the wife of Barrow. But Barrow has..
The Pink Panther 2
The Pink Panther 2 deals with Inspector Jacques Clouseau, who happens to team up with equally efficient officers so as to accomplish a mission to get hold of a thief who is travelling all across the globe, with the motive to steal and collect historical artifacts. The ways and means in which the tar..
A group of investigators are high on unfolding the mystery behind a unique monolith which is capable of sending out intercontinental signals. This investigation leads on to strikingly disastrous consequences which are unfolded and tackled by the concerned persons throughout.
Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion
An unidentified soul reaper happens to steal on an artifact that was supposed to be called the King's Seal, and that this has taken place during the transport from the Soul Society. However, there was someone who has been able to identify the thief, thus making way for getting stabbed by the culprit..

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