521 movies about '1950s' (page 20/53)

The Steel Helmet
Sergeant Zack survives Korean War and manages to escape from the prison. While running away he meets a young boy, Short round, who is also a Korean. Together th..
Michael is a young boy living in a typical 1950's suburbanite home... except for his bizarre and horrific nightmares, and continued unease around his paren..
Golden Gate
A brash 22-year-old FBI agent trumps up charges of Communist spying against a Chinese laundryman. Ten years later, he wants to make amends to the man and his te..
Your Studio and You
A parody of 1950s corporate/industrial films, commissioned by Universal Pictures executives after the studio's purchase by Seagrams, and featuring cameos b..
Tree of Knowledge
As a group of Danish children pass into adolescence, gradually the most popular girl becomes an outcast, for trivial reasons that she never understands.
Three sisters (Sister and the Sisters) from Harlem who become singers Sister (Lonette McKee) becomes involved with drugs and Sparkle ends up being the one who g..
The Aviation Cocktail
For three WWII veterans, war was nothing compared to the personal battles they would face back home.
Light Drops
Rui was raised in Mozambique in a small village at the frontier of a mysterious river. Son of Portuguese colonists, his best friend is Ana, a black girl godchil..
Back to the Future
The entire movie centers on a teenager who is accidentally and mysteriously sent into the time that prevailed thirty years back in his life. This has been done ..
Let's Pollute
In the spirit of 50's & 60's educational films, 'Let's Pollute' is a modern satire on how pollution is our heritage and keeps our econo..

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