503 movies about '1950s' (page 20/51)

Tame as can be by today's standards, but will charm fans of vintage erotica.
Sgt. Bilko
Sergeant Bilko is involved in all sorts of illegal matters involving army property. He runs the motor pool, gambling and even offers military vehicles on rent. ..
Golden Gate
A brash 22-year-old FBI agent trumps up charges of Communist spying against a Chinese laundryman. Ten years later, he wants to make amends to the man and his te..
Tree of Knowledge
As a group of Danish children pass into adolescence, gradually the most popular girl becomes an outcast, for trivial reasons that she never understands.
Thom Fitzgerald's (The Hanging Garden) provocative blending of fiction and documentary, tells the story of Bob Mizer, the pioneering founder of the Athleti..
The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake
Jonathan Drake, while attending his brother's funeral, is shocked to find the head of the deceased is missing. When his brother's skull shows up later..
The Delinquents
Based on a novel, story of adolescence love set in 1950's in Australia Brown & Leila are deeply in love. But their parents don't approve of their relationships ..
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
A mysterious plague, the Purple Death, ravages the earth. Dr. Zarkov, investigating in his spaceship, finds a ship from planet Mongo seeding the atmosphere with..
Man On A Tightrope
Elia Kazan's 1953 film stars Fredric March as the owner of an impoverished circus in Communist-ruled Czechoslovokia who plots to flee across the border to ..
Lobster Man from Mars
A young student from film tries to sell his strange movie to a film producer who is desperately in need of tax write-off. He screens the movie and a string of f..

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