519 movies about '1950s' (page 20/52)

Back to the Future
The entire movie centers on a teenager who is accidentally and mysteriously sent into the time that prevailed thirty years back in his life. This has been done ..
Tonia is the main character in this film. The plot revolves around the incident that takes place with the protagonist. Tonia goes out for a drink and then she l..
During the Korean War the members of the 4077 MASH unit have to deal with the horrors of war and medical emergency at the same time. In order to keep themselves..
Death of a Loved One
Puck has been invited by her tutor at the university to celebrate midsummer at his secluded cottage on an island together with a group of friends, among them Ei..
When Eric is sent away to a boarding school after being expelled, he does not know what to expect. He is caught between bullies and crooked seniors who prey on ..
The Mambo Kings
Cesar and Nestor Castillo are two brothers. Both of them are aspiring musicians. They have an American dream in their hearts. In order to realize their dream, t..
Your Studio and You
A parody of 1950s corporate/industrial films, commissioned by Universal Pictures executives after the studio's purchase by Seagrams, and featuring cameos b..
The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake
Jonathan Drake, while attending his brother's funeral, is shocked to find the head of the deceased is missing. When his brother's skull shows up later..
The Chaplin Revue
Three Chaplin silent comedies 'A Dog's Life', 'Shoulder Arms', and 'The Pilgrim' are strung together to form a single feature..
Of Time and the City
Liverpool, England, its history and transformation has been taken so well. Liverpool being the birth place of the director, how it has changed from 1940's to th..

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