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The Chaplin Revue
Three Chaplin silent comedies 'A Dog's Life', 'Shoulder Arms', and 'The Pilgrim' are strung together to form a single feature..
The Delinquents
Based on a novel, story of adolescence love set in 1950's in Australia Brown & Leila are deeply in love. But their parents don't approve of their relationships ..
In 1898, a band of Spanish soldiers heroically defended Baler (which was not yet the capital municipality of Aurora until 1951) against Filipino forces for 337 ..
Let's Pollute
In the spirit of 50's & 60's educational films, 'Let's Pollute' is a modern satire on how pollution is our heritage and keeps our econo..
The Aviation Cocktail
For three WWII veterans, war was nothing compared to the personal battles they would face back home.
Golden Gate
A brash 22-year-old FBI agent trumps up charges of Communist spying against a Chinese laundryman. Ten years later, he wants to make amends to the man and his te..
In the Pacific Northwest during the 1950's, two young sisters whose mother has abandoned them wind up living with their Aunt Sylvie, whose views of the wor..
Bret Maverick is the central character in this movie who is supposed to be in need of money so as to go ahead with his poker games. The movie is about the serie..
An alien starship crashes in a swamp in a U.S. National Park. Some mosquitos begin to feed from the alien's corpses, causing them to grow to the size of a ..
Jean Pierre Pruvot was an able woman who was born in the Algerian village in the year 1935. In fact she never followed the norm and decided to be the woman she ..

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