233 movies about '1950s' (page 20/24)

Weird Science
Wyatt and Gary are unpopular teenagers but they want to gain some attention. Things soon change when they decide to create a woman with the help of their computer and actually manage to do it. The result is Lisa, the gorgeous and lively woman who they hope will change their life. But Lisa is a lot more than they think ..
The Merchant of Four Seasons
Hans is considered to be a born loser as the occupations he chose for himself have all let him down in some way or the other. However after suffering from a heart attack he started flying off but the more successful he became the more depressed he got about himself, thus one day making way for his own death, thus givin..
Psycho Beach Party
This spoof is on the Beach party of the 1960 in which surfing and horror movies are combined. A slightly innocent girl in 1960 Malibu becomes the first girl surfer on the Malibu Beach. However she has an issue with an alter ego, a rude girl, a sexually rough person surfaces. In fact the times when she is seen at the be..
Based upon the real story of father-son drama, ‘Madison' is one of the semi-fictional is about hydroplane boat racing. Throughout the hydroplane racing season of 1971, the hero has left behind his desire of hydroplane boat racing to settle down his life and takes a job as an Ac repairman. After retirement, immediately..
Come Back, Africa
Come back, Africa is a documentary film based on real life stories of African Americans fighting the cruelty of harsh apartheid government back in 1959. An African American & his family working several jobs to make ends meet while being victims of racism, exile and imprisonment and how his helplessness & frustration le..
The Illusionist
Starting 2012, something like 50 million Americans were sustenance shaky. This was pretty nearly 1 in 6 of the general populace, with the extent of kids confronting nourishment frailty significantly higher at about 1 in 4. One in every two youngsters get elected sustenance assistance.[4][5] The film sees chiefs Kristi ..
Century Hotel
The most interesting part of this film is that a number of stories are being told in due course of the film. But all the stories take place in one particular hotel room, numbered 720. The introductory story is about a beautiful young lady who gets married to a thug against her wishes and goes through at tension-filled ..
Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Three women come to an office of Morris Levy, a New York entertainment manager. Everyone claims to be the widow of Frankie Lyman and long-expired singer cum songwriter. Everyone asks for royalties over the years pertaining to his estate. All the three wives establish their own bond gradually.
Food, Inc.
The food industry is being ruled by a handful of multinational corporations that aren't letting anyone else have a piece of the pie. These corporations have governments and regulating agencies in their pockets and they can go to any extent to make a profit even if it means putting people's health at risk.
As policemen Madigan and Bonero lose their guns to fugitive Barney Benesch inturn they are now given a weekend to convict Benesch. As they come across various leads and evidences in their race against time. Will they succeed

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