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Tales from the Crypt
Five strangers meet up and travel towards catacombs. They fail to realize that they are not alive. On their way the group gets separated and tells each member their story of death. They find themselves in a series of five dreadful stories which the Crypt keeper tells. What could be each of the stori..
The Hours
Based on a novel by Virginia Woolf the film tells the story of three women of different generations. Stories of the three woman link together through the novel ‘Mrs.Dalloway'. The novel affects the ladies ways they not fully aware of.
Food, Inc.
The food industry is being ruled by a handful of multinational corporations that aren't letting anyone else have a piece of the pie. These corporations have governments and regulating agencies in their pockets and they can go to any extent to make a profit even if it means putting people's health at..
Deuces Wild
Leon and Bobby are prominent faces in a street gang who, on principles, keep drugs away from their block as because the brother of these two have been killed due to drugs some time back. However, the plot of the movie gets complex with another gang coming into appearance, thus threatening the two br..
First Man Into Space
In this sci-fi thriller from the 1950's , we see Dan Prescott as an American test pilot who dares to take an experimental rocket, 250 miles above the earth despite getting a no order from his senior. This makes him the first person into the space. However from a fearless pilot he turns into a crazy ..
As policemen Madigan and Bonero lose their guns to fugitive Barney Benesch inturn they are now given a weekend to convict Benesch. As they come across various leads and evidences in their race against time. Will they succeed
Let Him Have It
This is a true story set in 1950s England. The movie narrates the tale of two friends, Chris and Derek as they are dragged deep into the world of crime. They are tried in court and convicted for their illegal activities. But is the death sentence awarded to them justified?
George is a little boy who has been brought up in an impoverished family and eventually his father declares bankruptcy. George does not want such a life for himself .his friend suggest that's George deal with marijuana and he becomes a hit. However he soon goes to jail, only to find a bigger gamble ..
Che: Part One
Che and a group of Cuban exiles end up reaching Mexico after leaving the Cuban shore in 1956. The group was led under the guidance of Fidel Castro. It was only a matter of two years in which they got together an army and got tremendous support. This led them to shuffling the regime of dictator Fulge..
The King
Graham Kennedy is Australia`s first and greatest home grown TV star. It movie tells the story of his rise from being a balaclava kid through radio, TV, films and back to TV. His unrealised ambitions and desires as well as the pressures of being Australia`s most celebrated TV star.

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