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Muhammad: The Last Prophet
It is more than 14 centuries earlier when Mecca had been filled with drunkards, slavery and gambling along with ill treatment of women. During the period, the holy Ka'bah was littered with idol gods with thousands of pilgrims coming to worship them. Here a man called Muhammad goes into a cave to pra..
Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West
Obsession, deals with the basic threat that has been posed to the Western civilization from the end of the Radical Islam. The entire movie portrays the activities and demands that are in association with the latter, who is desperate in getting global Jihad, settling for no less than that. The Nazi m..
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet
The story that has been shown in this movie centers on a prophet who has been at work in the seventh century. He has been a messenger of God, who has been changing the course of history within a period of twenty three years, thus influencing the lives of people at large, thus his thoughts and activi..
The Third Jihad
This is a documentary about the other face of Jihad, in a world that has a narrowed view of what Jihad must be. The film interviews human rights activists, government officials, former terrorists, politicians et al to understand the perspective of cultural jihad and how it is a common misconception ..
Sang Pencerah
In 19th century, a youth named Muhammad Darwish who is also the son of imam in the local mosque is unhappy about the mixture of Islam and animstic Javanese mysticism where in the money is spend on the religious ceremonies exorbitantly. Disappointed of the situation, he decides to go on Hajj in Saudi..
Niloufer is ecstatic when foreign returned Wasim proposes her for marriage and she accepts. However her initial excitement gets lowered as Wasim has to spend a lot of time at work and in fact even forgets their first anniversary. Fights start to happen and they get divorced. Niloufer is heart broke ..
Joshua Rose sees his family been killed by Islamic terrorists in a bomb blast. He is a State Department Official on embassy working in Paris. Just as the funeral finished he intrudes into a mosque nearby and kills several worshipers. His friend had to forcefully shoot a wounded person aiming Joshua...
The Infidel
The movie is based on the character of Mahmud, who is a Muslim by religion. He is a family man with a loving wife and daughter. The movie paces through scenes of humor until he discovers something that changes his life entirely. How will he accept his altered identity after finding out that he is a ..
Women Without Men
The year 1953 is tumultuous in Iran's history. CIA is financing and helping an uprising in order to reinstate the Shah of Iran to the throne. Amidst such a crisis four women find themselves quite different from the majority of the Iranian women as they are aware of their gender identity. They try to..
The Kingdom of Solomon
God has been requested by the King Solomon for a kingdom so perfect that has never existed ever before. However it has been communicated that he should gear himself and his subjects with scary and devious creatures that will haunt men.

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