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Death Ship
The main plot of the story begins with a group of soldiers who have somehow enabled themselves to survive a deadly collision of a ship. These persons are however rescued by a pretty mysterious ship which has suddenly appeared out of the fog, thus the mystery remaining on the fact that whether the sh..
Rugrats Go Wild
Stu is all set to impress his family, the Rugrats, with his sea vessel but it all goes wrong when the ship is destroyed and the family is marooned on a strange island. The family is put through a tough test of survival while being hounded by a clouded leopard as they look to make it out alive.
The Poseidon Adventure
The plot of this movie is centered on a cruise ship which has been a victim to a terrorist act just on the eve of New Year. There are a group of persons who survived the vessel turning upside down and now they are up to making desperate attempts in rescuing themselves from the attack.
Manmadhan Ambu
Madan is head over heels in love with the famous actress Ambujakshi but he suspects her all the time. When she decides to go to Paris, his suspicions are increased and he employs a private detective Mannar to tail his girlfriend. While Manna goes to Paris, unknown to him his wife goes too.
Puthiya Paravai
A Tamil movie where Gopal, a rich business man meets Latha while coming back to his town from Singapore via a cruise ship. Latha had come to the cruise along with her father Ramadurai. With continuous meetings and get together Gopal and Latha became good friends, and finally fell in love and got mar..
Up The Yangtze
Featuring life in modern China, this dramatic feature documentary portrays the lives of people who were affected by the building of hydroelectric dam over the Yangtz River. Navigating the mythical waterway, a luxury cruise boat tells us the story of the area's inhabitants including that of a young w..
Bitter Moon
Fiona and Nigel Dobson are a British couple and they are on their way to Istanbul. On the ship Nigel meets a strikingly beautiful French woman Mimi and her husband Oscar. As it turns out Oscar and Mimi shares an unusual relationship and Oscar starts narrating the history of how they ended up togethe..
When a luxurious steamer Poseidon set sail off the coast, few would have imagined the journey to end in the middle of the ocean. The massive ship capsized and sank, leaving little resource for the floating survivors. The tale depicts the story of the survivors who must make the best use of the remai..
And the Ship Sails On
The story is about a gigantic and luxurious cruise ship which was carrying the ashes of Tetua, who had been a famous opera singer in her lifetime. The ship was just at its own pace which got disturbed with a group of Serbian refugees dropping in amidst the way, refugees who have somehow survived the..
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
The Chipmunks and Chipettes are playing by a cruise ship. But when they accidentally boards the ship they are transported to a distant and unknown land, a tropical paradise. Though the place seems deserted there is a lot more to it than the mere appearance.

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