There is a paranormal expert who is busy investigating a dreadful killing. Now he must go to the house where one of these incidents took place. He then gets hold of a house, located at an intersection of "highways" transporting souls to the afterlife. How will he get himself out of the house and save others too. 

Book of Blood

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Young man

Young girl

Language: English

Director: John Harrison

Actors: Jonas Armstrong , Sophie Ward , Doug Bradley , Clive Russell , Paul Blair , Romana Abercromby , Simon Bamford , James Watson , Gowan Calder , Graham Colquhoun , Marcus Mcleod , James Mcanerney , Joy Mcbrinn , Charlie Mcfadden

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Diagnosis: Death
Andre an unethical high school teacher and Juliet a bookworm meet as guinea pigs in a weekend drug trial but soon they realise that the drugs cause hallucinations and the staff is discreetly strange. Or the clinic is spooked. They team up to unriddle..

A teenager girl dies. Years later, her ghost sets out for the land of the living. Her purpose is to save another girl who is suffering from the same destiny that matches hers. The essence of the haunted events evokes interest throughout the movie
The fall of the house of Usher
Narrated by Sir Christopher Lee as Roderick Usher summons his boyhood friend to help him ease his decaying condition. The death of Madeline Usher, last in the line of the Usher family precipitates Roderick's descent into madness and death.

Deadline is the story of the murder of an African American youth in rural Alabama that has gone uninvestigated, unsolved, and unpunished for almost twenty years. That changes when Nashville Times reporter Matt Harper (Steve Talley) meets an idealisti..
Dark Reel

Murder, mystery and mayhem as B movie fan, Adam Waltz, wins Walk on Role in a film Featuring Scream Queen, Cassie Blue (Tiffany Shepis). Thinking his luck had changed for the better he steps into chaos with a killer loose and no one on the production..
Life Goes On
A grief stricken father and his three daughters share a close relationship after the death of the mother. It is based in London. And since the death of the mother, there is some drama or the other going on, which is just adding to the grief of this f..
The Trial

After the horrific death of his wife and two sons, suicide seems to be the only escape for small town attorney Kent 'Mac' McClain... until he's assigned a capital punishment case that begins to transform his life and those around him f..

At Cheever Lake, Jake Grey has visions of mutilations and bloody nightmares while awake. His friends apply him in a game called ‘The Pathway' where Jake begins to confuse his dreams with reality while his friends are killed. Jake investigates and sus..

This is a complete fiction story, starting with a violent scene of Reggie getting killed in a fast food restaurant where he comes to eat a burger. His head gets blown off, the story revolves around Reggie and his friends and who has done the plot to ..

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