Everyone loves their family and especially their children, but what happens when one of the scariest nightmares comes true? Dover's six year old daughter goes missing along with her friend. The police, detective and the only suspect all fall apart when the loving father takes up the responsibility solely by himself to discover her daughter and friend. 


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Language: English

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Actors: Hugh Jackman , Jake Gyllenhaal , Viola Davis , Maria Bello , Terrence Howard , Melissa Leo , Paul Dano , Dylan Minnette , Zoe Borde , Erin Gerasimovich , Kyla Drew Simmons , Wayne Duvall , Len Cariou , David Dastmalchian , Jeff Pope

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The Tortured
Craig and Elisa Landry are broken and distraught when their only child is kidnapped and killed by a serial killer. While their marriage hits tumultuous phase, the serial killer is convicted 25 years to life. Not convinced that justice has been served..
Down Will Come Baby
Leah takes up a job and shifts to Denver from where she only comes to visit her own place once a week. In the mean time Dorothy, who is quite a stranger to the family happens to befriend Robin, the son and his father with intentions which are not qui..
It's Alive

Frank and his wife Lenore have avoided having a second baby for long. But Lenore gave birth to an extremely deformed baby with fangs and claws. The baby kills the doctors and nurses in the hospital and made its way to Frank's home. What will happen t..

This action packed movie is about Aadhavan, the son of a Don Ibrahim Rowther. One day he is contracted by Abdul Kulkarny to kill the judge Subramaniam. After he missed the first time he has to pose as a servant and infiltrate his home, but learns tha..

A young man is thriller centered and sets out to reveal the truth about his life. His journey for unearthing truth begins after he finds a photo of his childhood in the website of missing persons.

Kali is Shalini and her ex-husband Rahul's daughter, while Bose Shoumik is her stepfather. It is a Saturday and according to the custody agreement, it is Kali's day with Rahul. Rahul picks her up for a drive but leaves her in the car to go for an aud..
I Confess

‘I Confess' is one of the drama film that is also a super hit movie of the year 1953. The hero who is a catholic priest is just refusing to give any answers of police investigators. Because he is a suspected victim due to the pause in his confession,..
Red Hill

Set in Australia, Young police officer Shane Cooper first day at duty turns into a nightmare when Jimmy Conway a convicted murderer serving life behind bars breaks out of prison sends the local law enforcement officers into frenzy. Cooper realizes th..
The Pastor's Wife
Based on the true story of Matthew Winkler, a beloved minister who, in 2006, was found shot and killed in his Selmer, Tennessee home, his wife and young daughters missing. Authorities soon zeroed in on Matthew's wife, Mary, as the prime suspect ..
Dream House
A family has recently made a shift to their newly arranged ‘Dream House', only to discover that the former residents of the same have committed a severe crime and got away with it at some point of time. The plot of the movie is all about the circumst..

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