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The film has a fantastic storyline that wins the hearts of all the viewers. The story is about a very ordinary garden snail. It dreams of winning the Indy 500. Watch the film to know what happens finally. 


Major keywords for Turbo:

Sports film


Language: English

Director: David Soren

Actors: Ryan Reynolds , Paul Giamatti , Michael Pena , Snoop Dogg , Maya Rudolph , Michelle Rodriguez , Samuel L Jackson

Last update : 11 Apr 2014

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The famous Lightning McQueen travels to California for the final race of the Piston Cup and accidentally damages the road of the small town Radiator Springs and is then sentenced to repair it. She has to work hard and find friendship and love in the simple local cars and change its values to become a true winner.
Herbie Fully Loaded
This family adventure is about Maggie Peyton, a girl who owns the Volkswagen with a mind. When she prepares to leave town for a job in ESPN news, she soon warms up to the fact that her car Herbie can think on her own. But what she does not know is that Herbie has an alternate route in mind for her.
Speed Racer
After the death of Rex Racer, his younger brother Speed is on the track. His aim is to win the cross country race known as The Crucible. Speed loves his family but has a natural racing instinct that he finds impossible to defy. His task becomes even more complicated and tougher after he rejects the offer made by Royalt..
Trance and his team are here to prove themselves at the Star car-racing circuit. When they discover that the rival team leader plans on overthrowing the Peacekeeping Alliance Leadership, they decide that they have to stop him. Now the future of the universe depends on how far Trance is ready to push himself and his tea..
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A professional street racer who was framed by a rich business associate has just been freed from the prison. He is now looking for revenge and enters into a cross country race that would make him a good fortune. Meanwhile someone also places a huge bounty on his head, thus turning his life into hell.
The plot of the story begins with a gorgeous and active stallion that is highly being trained and guided on certain stuffs by the central character of this movie known as Tweedy along with his colleagues. The training being given to this animal is for making it capable enough to win the Triple Crown competition.
Cars 2
Lightning McQueen is a star and eminent car racer who heads with his buddy Mater in order to take part in the World Grand Prix championship. However this path becomes extremely challenging with the reason being that Mater becomes involved in his own interesting adventures and spying cases.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. are lifelong friends and national idols who have earned their NASCAR stripes using their catchphrases \"Shake and bake!\" but they now have to work hard to retain their top position when a French driver is coasting into the track for challenging their records.
In a distant future, the galaxy has become more like a local community and interplanetary meetings and co-operations are encouraged. However, one of the most famous events is the Redline, the grand groundcar race in which drivers from all over the galaxy participate. But fairplay is a term that does not fit with the to..
A young hot shot driver is in the middle of a championship season and is coming apart at the seams. A former CART champion is called in to give him guidance. A young hot shot driver is in the middle of a championship season and is coming apart at the seams. A former CART champion is called in to give him guidance.

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