The Call ()  

Jordan Turner who works at the Los Angeles Police Department gets a girl from a teenage girl at night, Leah Templeton. She calls the department because a man had break into her house, and she thought that her life was at risk then, Jordan advices to go to the upstairs and wait for the police when suddenly the call gets disconnected. The next morning Leah gets murdered. 

The Call

Major keywords for The Call:

Teenage girl
Los angeles

Law enforcement

Language: English

Director: Brad Anderson

Actors: Halle Berry , Abigail Breslin , Morris Chestnut , Michael Eklund , Michael Imperioli , David Otunga , Justina Machado , Jose Zuniga , Roma Maffia , Evie Thompson , Denise Dowse , Ella Rae Peck , Jenna Lamia , Ross Gallo , Shawnee Badger , Tara

Last update : 18 Apr 2014

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