Mary Mason a medical student struggling to pay her bills gets drawn into the dark underground world of body modifications. It sees her through the world of crime and extreme body modifications which make her way too many enemies. 

American Mary

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Language: English

Actors: Katharine Isabelle , Antonio Cupo , Tristan Risk , Julia Maxwell , Paula Lindberg , David Lovgren , Jen Soska , Clay St Thomas , Nelson Wong , Sylvia Soska , Marius Soska , John Emmet Tracy , Twan Holiday , Travis Watters , Paul Anthony

Last update : 12 Apr 2014

Someone's Knocking at the Door
John and Wilma Hopper takes pleasure in a bizarre sexual game. They rape their victims to death. This time they target a group of drug-addled medical students who are sexually deviant and are ready to go on sexual ventures. Their lust brings about th..
It is the last night of Adam Buckley's pledge for the college fraternity but Adam soon finds himself entangled in the case of a robbery at a convenience store. His initiation ritual does not go according to the plans and Adam has to take a stand in a..
The Sleeper
Alpha Gamma Theta sorority throws a party at their house welcoming the new pledges along with an uninvited guest "the sleeper". The killer stalks them and murders them finding them in any vulnerable situation. The police sets out a research for the g..
Ayalum Njanum Thammil
A committed senior doctor and his relationship with a junior irresponsible doctor highlight the true picture of medical profession. The senior doctor is devoted to his profession and lives a lonely life. Medical profession and its traits can be under..

A teacher Robert Anderson, is suspended for giving a F grade to his student in his school. He is separated from his wife and has a daughter studying in the same school where he teaches. The film shows his struggle to save his students n daughter from..

Ben Carson is a former NYPD detective now working as the night watchman at the Mayflower Department Store, destroyed many years ago in a devastating fire. As he starts his night shifts he realizes that there is something wrong in the mirrors. But he ..

Deanna, a young, pretty and upwardly mobile nurse is about to face the most difficult challenge of her life...Deciding whether five men should live or die. In a moment which would change her life forever, Deanna is brutally raped, but the pain she su..
Dallas Buyers Club
The movie revolves around true story of Ron Woodroof. He is a happy let go guy who loves to enjoy women, drugs, alcohol and what else in life. He is diagnosed of HIV and............
The Good Doctor
Dr. Martin Blake starts his residency at a hospital in southern California. Though seemingly a handsome and charming gentleman, he is actually an arrogant person he eventually distances himself from the hospital staff within a very few days. Just the..
The Traveler
The arrival of a mysterious person in a small town somewhere in America changes the life of six cops once and for all. The Traveler has a past that no one knows, just as no one knows where he comes from. All of a sudden he arrives at the police stati..

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