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The movie is all related to deaths and its consequences along with vividly portraying the extent at which death is plausible in a man's life. The entire presentation of the movie deals with a television forecast in which a man was responsible for disclosing footages on actual murders and getting each of them commented on, thus evoking a sense of fear and uncertainty in the minds of the viewers. 

Murder Collection V.1

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Languages: English , Russian , Japanese

Director: Fred Vogel

Actors: Opening Credits , Bludgeoning , The Heist , The Cheat , Broadway Rob , Execution , Autopsy , Bullied , Homecoming , Ransom

Last update : 15 Apr 2014

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Timber Falls
A young couple is all set to spend their vacations in the mountains. However, this trip has, in no time, turned up to be a trip to hell as because the persons have been trapped into a grotesque plot initiated by the locals there, thus having them as pawns, which have changed their lives drastically ever since then.
House of the Rising Sun
Ray is willing to start a new chapter of life as he desires to stay out from the troubles creeping into his life. The nightclub where he used to work is robbed one night. The son of the owner was also shot dead. Ray's past history gets him framed instantly.
The Collector
Arkin is working as a repair guy for the Chase family who has just moved to the town. As he is unable to repay the debts that he has taken from loan sharks he decides to rob the chest of the Chase family. One night when he enters the house to rob the chase he comes face to face with a horror that he could never imagine..
The Box
This is a psychological horror film about a family who receive a mysterious box. This box ix delivered to them by a mysterious man. This box offers them one million dollars with a press of a button. But with the press of a button a person is going to die at any part of the world.
Nobody Gets Out Alive
The central characters of this movie have been played by a group of students who are all set to get out of their family problems and other troubles which are getting them bothered, but this kind of a relief has only got them to a bigger trouble which has been fatally caused to them by a man who is insane by habits.
The entire plot of the movie named Chaos is centered on a pair of cops who are high on a mission. One of them is a rookie whereas the other one is a grizzled vet and that both of them are desperate in tracing and getting hold of a bank robber, their success or failure to be disclosed towards the end of the story.
The Assassin Next Door
Galia and Eleanor lives in an old apartment building. They are neighbours but they do not know each other. Galia is involved with the sex traffic mafia against her will. Eleanor works as cashier in a grocery store, she is a battered wife. Though Galia and Eleanor do not know each other, their aim is to escape............
White Noise 2: The Light
A close passing background takes after that leaves Abe with the capacity to distinguish the individuals who are going to kick the bucket. He follows up on these hunches to spare three individuals from death, around them a medical attendant met throughout his recuperation, Sherry Clarke (Katee Sackhoff).

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