Prison Song ()  

The destiny of Elijah lies in moving from one group home to another, thus making his life rather rough. However his art keeps him going. Elijah gets a scholarship but that is taken away. This ends him in killing a boy which gets imprisonment of 15 years. Will his soul and creativity still stay alive or becomes a coarse criminal? 

Prison Song

Major keywords for Prison Song:

New york

Young man
Solitary confinement
Police officer
Police car

Director: Darnell Martin

Actors: Q-tip , Justin Dj Spaulding , Mary J Blige , Harold Perrineau , Denee Rivera , Eric Mccollum , Dominique Walters , Fat Joe , Nore , Brian A Wilson , Snow , Danny Hoch , Mateo Gomez

Last update : 28 Aug 2014

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