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Arn is the son of a Swedish Lord who rules in the 12th century. He is brought up in a monastery and trained in archery, horsemanship and swordsmanship by a former Knight Templar Guilbert. When he returns to his family, he is engaged in the fight of two families for the crown of Vastra Gotaland. 

Arn: The Knight Templar

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Knights templar
Holy land

Forbidden love

Languages: French , Arabic , Latin , English , Swedish

Director: Peter Flinth

Actors: Joakim Natterqvist , Sofia Helin , Stellan Skarsgard , Simon Callow , Vincent Perez , Bibi Andersson , Steven Waddington , Gustaf Skarsgard , Michael Nyqvist , Milind Soman , Alex Wyndham , Nicholas Boulton , Thomas W Gabrielsson , Jakob Ceder

Last update : 18 Apr 2015

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