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The plot of the story is the most interesting part. The story revolves around the investigation that has to be done on the Presidential candidate of the country of the USA. This investigation leads to the discovery of different kinds of scandals that are being unearthed by the investigation team that consists of detectives. 

Advise & Consent

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Secret service
Soviet union

Rhode island
Supreme court

Language: English

Director: Otto Preminger

Actors: Henry Fonda , Charles Laughton , Don Murray , Walter Pidgeon , Peter Lawford , Gene Tierney , Franchot Tone , Paul Ford , Lew Ayres , George Grizzard , Burgess Meredith , Eddie Hodges , Inga Swenson

Last update : 22 Apr 2014

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The Man
The President of the United States and the Speaker of the House both are killed while attending a conference when the building hosting the event collapses. The Vice President is reluctant to take charge of the Oval Office. The responsibility is now on Douglas Dilman who becomes the first black president. Dilman has to ..
Seven Days in May
The President of the United States is all set to approve on a treaty that is associated with nuclear disarmament. It is at this decision of his that he is demanded to be thrown out of the country as because it is with this treaty that a nuclear attack over the nation is very much plausible.
The Manchurian Candidate
Seargeant Raymond Shaw became the hero after saving his soldiers after the Captain Ben Marco fell and became unconscious. Shaw become eligible for vice president while Marco is still confused by what had happened and the plot begins to play on his mind. Is it that Shaw was made to be the hero while he wasn't? it seems ..
New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison is discovering the real story behind the Kennedy assassination. To his expectations, the official story about the murder of the president is not true. There are some hidden secrets in this story that the government is not bringing out and some conspiracies too.
The Ides of March
Governor Mike Morris decides to run for the president. He includes in his campaign team, a young man named Stephen. Despite his professional attitude, Stephen runs into the net of opponents as he divulges secret information to a woman he had an affair with. Will he pull down his entire team?
Murder at 1600
Detective Harlan Regis is summoned to the White House in order to investigate the death of a female staff in a wash room in the presidential palace. But the secret service agents have already taken possession of all the clues and evidences. Sensing a cover up Regis convinces Nina Chance, a secret service agent to help ..
Executive Suite
Cameron Hawley's set of novels regarding gamesmanship and corporate in-fighting is replicated by Avery Bullard and other characters. Avery Bullard is the head of a huge manufacturing unit dies all of a sudden. Thus there are several vice presidents who are fighting and playing games in order to get that coveted positio..
Chain of Command
A daunting and challenging task is given to the Secret Service agents to retrieve the briefcase before the massive destruction ensues the America's nuclear arsenal.
12 Angry Men
The defence and the prosecution have rested waiting for the final verdict to decide if a young Spanish-American is guilty or innocent of murdering his father. What begins as an open and shut case soon becomes a mini-drama of each of the jurors' prejudices and preconceptions about the trial and each other.
The American President
Set on the political backdrop of the 90's, President Andrew Shepherd an unabashedly liberal Democrat, gearing up for re-election and meanwhile meets Sydney Wade a sharp and attractive environmental lobbyist. They fall in love, and the president is squeezed between love and his position and is left to decide on the risk..

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