Souls are small parasitic aliens have taken over all humans. In individual capsules the Souls travel to various planets and get into the host body of the dominant species of each planet. The Soul erases the host's consciousness but they hold individuals memories. If a human is entrapped by soul, their eyes turn with blue rings. What could have happen next? 

The Host

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Language: English

Director: Andrew Niccol

Actors: Saoirse Ronan , Max Irons , Jake Abel , Frances Fisher , Chandler Canterbury , Diane Kruger , William Hurt , Boyd Holbrook , Scott Lawrence , Shawn Carter Peterson , Lee Hardee , Phil Austin , Raeden Greer , Jd Evermore , Emily Browning , Mustaf

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Terror suddenly seems to be getting a new face. There is a small town, which has been living their happy go lucky life for a long time. But suddenly there is an alien plague attack, which is turning all the residents into zombies and different kinds ..

This film is about the story of three friends who make plans of enjoying the various parties and then they fall in trouble when the doppelgangers start to appear. This is a challenge not only to their friendship but also to their lives. This is a ver..

Tyler, along with his brother comes across an alien ship which changes his overall appearance and makes him look older and also gives him some other abilities. Tyler's high school life turns upside down and also helps him to save the life of his brot..
The Happening
A strange, horrible and unprecedented crisis begins in Central Park. A high school science teacher, his wife and a young girl do what they can to survive it. A strange, horrible and unprecedented crisis begins in Central Park. A high school science t..

A group of efficient explorers happen to know about the origin of the human race, so as to get into the darkest and the most unpredictable corners of the whole universe, only to get into a battle which is supposed to be fought so as to save the futur..
Mars Needs Moms
This is an animated film about Milo's journey to the Red Planet. In mars the robots are not well trained in the art of bringing up a child. As a result they care for female children but dump boys in junkyard. In Earth Milo's mother is bringing him up..
Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix
Ben notices that something is seriously wrong with the omnitrix after he is done with the battle in a power plant. However, it has been disclosed that the omnitrix is all up to broadcasting a signal that is self destructive, as a result; of which Ben..
District 9

28 years after a huge alien spaceship appeared on earth, the aliens now live in an alien ghetto referred to as District 9. When Wikus van der Merwe is accidentally exposed to an alien chemical, he slowly starts turning into an alien himself and he mu..

American Civil War battle which has started in 1864, Captain Lee Briggs a Union soldier is sent for a mission to investigate on mysterious objects reported. Later after 175 years in 2039, US Astronaut Lee Miller is set for a journey alone to find out..

The movie is about a global war that takes place between two human civilizations with Ark presenting the only alternative for survival. Rogan, a Cevean, befriends Amarinth, the daughter of the Storrian General. It turns out that Amarinth herself is a..

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