17 Again ()  

A high School Basketball star gave up all his dreams to stay by his expectant girlfriend and family. 20 years letter when his family was falling apart he got a chance to be 17 again and fulfill all his dreams. Will he take the chance and start his life in a new way? 

17 Again

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Mid-life crisis

Language: English

Director: Burr Steers

Actors: Zac Efron , Leslie Mann , Thomas Lennon , Michelle Trachtenberg , Sterling Knight , Matthew Perry , Hunter Parrish , Katerina Graham , Melora Hardin , Jim Gaffigan , Drew Sidora , Tiya Sircar , Vanessa Lee Chester , Nicole Sullivan

Last update : 21 Apr 2014

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This is the biography of Heather and Heidi Burge, twin sisters who are spotted by a basketball coach and given a chance to shine in the game. How the Burge twins overcome career setbacks, insecurities and jealousy for one another to attain the heights of professional glory is what the movie is all about.
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The entire plot of the movie centers on a white school teacher who has the guts to gel up with a group of undisciplined black school guys so as to make them into a basketball team, thus showing them their way to victory. The movie shows the variant situations that, this teacher faces while training these not-so-easy gr..
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Indiana is a small town and raves about high school basketball. In the year 1954 the team called Hickory Huskers was a team which was hopeless and had no talent whatsoever. However a strict and rough coach Normal Dale came in and shaped up the team effectively. Along with this came a lot of controversy too.
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