Dark Night of the Scarecrow ()  

The movie revolved around a deranged man who is a victim of injustice and blamed for attacking a little girl. He gets shot in the process of hiding in the attire of a scarecrow. However later it comes to light that he was trying to protect the young girl from a ravenous attack of a dog. However, the mystery becomes hot when the members of the search group are killed by a strange scarecrow. 

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

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Mentally challenged
Young girl

Language: English

Director: Frank De Felitta

Actors: Larry Drake , Charles Durning , Robert F Lyons , Tonya Crowe , Claude Earl Jones , Jocelyn Brando , Lane Smith , Tom Taylor , Richard Mckenzie , Ivy Jones , James Tartan , Ed Call , Alice Nunn , John Steadman

Last update : 14 Apr 2015

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