Cherry 2000 ()  

Sam Treadwell, a successful businessman discovers that his android wife Cherry model 2000 is responsible for blowing a fuse. He then hires a renegade tracker E. Johnson to find out her clone. But as their journey begins to find the perfect partner, he learns that the perfect woman can never be made out of computer chips. 

Cherry 2000

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Language: English

Director: Steve De Jarnatt

Actors: Melanie Griffith , David Andrews , Tim Thomerson , Pamela Gidley , Harry Carey , Ben Johnson , Brion James , Marshall Bell , Laurence Fishburne , Michael C Gwynne , Jack Thibeau , Jennifer Balgobin

Last update : 23 Apr 2014

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Scott, who is portrayed as a history professor gives in for an involvement with two-time travelers in association with the discovery he has made in an old photo. The tussle between the one who wants to change history and the other who does not, comes to an end when they all travel back to the year of 1886.
Radioactive Dreams
Philip Chandler and Marlowe Hammer are left by their fathers after the nuclear war that broke out in 1996. As they grow up and set out to find their fathers, they are met by deceptive women, mutants, several gangs etc. Only one missile was left in the war and the duos discover the keys to that missile.
War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave
An indirect sequel to War of the Worlds, this science fiction tells the story of aliens who return to Earth for an invasion after their first attempt two years back went awry. While the fate of humans hangs in balance, a former astronomer must find a way to save himself and his family from the marauding aliens.
Four men with different goals travel to the small town of Silverado where they face a bunch of challenges that test their limits. The movie set in late nineteenth century shows the injustices in the small city life. Each of the four men face some losses because of the bad guys and fight them to bring back peace in the ..
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There are some castaways stranded on the same island like before. A professor in the group finds a World War II bomber that he can fly and repair. But when trying to get to Hawaii, the Gilligan falls out and parachute landing is needed. But they are lucky to collapse on landing and get saved by a U.S navy captain
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Three young guns, Doc Scurlock, Jose Chavezy Chavez, and Billy the kid are the main characters in the movie Young Guns II. The movie revolves around Billy the Kid and how he safeguards himself from the group of government agents.
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Robot Johnny Five comes to the city and gets manipulated by criminals who want him for their own purposes. Robot Johnny Five comes to the city and gets manipulated by criminals who want him for their own purposes.
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The Scots are fighting for their independence from England in the Medieval Age and William Wallace is one of the warriors. He belongs to a family most of whose members have given life for gaining freedom of Scotland and now when William loses another beloved one he decides to free Scotland once and for all.
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It is film about two brothers who have two different perceptions about life. One of the brothers feels bad about everything that is happening in his life. He sees everything negatively and is very violent an antisocial. He does not appreciate any good thing that his other brother does and always puts him down, suddenly..

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