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Grown Ups 2
Lenny has decided to move back to his hometown with his family as he wants to have his good old days back. But as he makes his way to the town he soon discovers that a lot has changed about it and old flames, drunk cops, schizophrenic drivers and bullies make life almost impossible.
Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania is an American animated fantasy comedy movie made in 3D. It tells the story of a big 5 star Hotel Transylvania that is run by Dracula and it is a place where the monsters can take a break at from the human world. The story unfolds when Dracula's daughter Mavis falls in love with a..
That's My Boy
Todd's world turns upside down after coming across his father after a long gap. The father has brought him up as a single parent and the movie focuses on the basic relationship of the two which has come to an unexpected threshold with the resurfacing done by his father just before Todd's wedding
Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill are two twins, with Jack being the more gifted one. Jack is working as an advertising executive in Los Angeles. He lives with Erin, his wife and two kids, Sofie and Gary. Jill lives in the working class neighbourhood. Their mother has passed away. Jack is to meet Jill on the Thanksgivi..
Just Go With It
A plastic surgeon is having an affair with a much younger school teacher. He then asks his assistant to pretend as his ex wife so that he can cover up a lie. But now the problem is that this lie just seems to be getting worse and when they go off to Hawaii for the weekend, there are some new relatio..
Grown Ups
Five childhood friends reunite after years for the funeral of their basketball coach. The friends take a break from their busy lives and plan to spend a long weekend together along with their families. Chaos and fun spreads over the weekend as the grownups mingle and interact with each other and the..
Funny People
This is an American Comedy drama film about a successful comedian and actor George Simmons. He is lonely and away from his family. He was ready to give up his life when suddenly something very funny happened to him and changed his life. Why was he forced to reevaluate his priorities and by whom?
Bedtime Stories
A comedy film about a hotel handyman whose life takes a dramatic turn when the bedtime stories he tells to his nephew and niece magically starts to come true. He finds the love of his life. But like he tells his nephew and niece, not all stories have happy endings.
You Don't Mess With the Zohan
It is story about an Israeli who dares to live with a fake identity in different world. The Israeli counterterrorism soldier he migrates to Manhattan to become a hairstylist. His desires run so deep that he shall do anything to survive in that country including faking his identity and also meeting a..

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